SAN FRANCISCO —Setter, a company in the underserved home service space, has named Ambles Kwok as its new chief technology officer.

Setter is a tech enabled home management and concierge service that provides homeowners with one point of contact to handle all household maintenance tasks and repairs. The platform coordinates with local home service companies through a managed marketplace and completes the process from beginning to end.

Kwok is the former vice president of technology and innovation for Indigo and an accomplished IT executive with more than two decades of experience in software leadership and operations management. In his new role, he will work to scale Setter’s software for expansion in several new cities by growing the software development team and boosting Setter’s operational efficiency.

“I love the speed and passion of startups, but Setter’s audacious vision that is also unbelievably real and obtainable is what made me want to join this team,” Kwok said. “The PropTech industry is in its infancy, and we have a real opportunity to make a difference and change the way people view home maintenance. We want to make homeownership so automated that the hassle is invisible.”

Kwok has held executive titles in many other companies in the tech. space including Mercatus, Sysomos, and JUICE Mobile. He is also the founder of Therapia Health Management, a platform that connects patients to physiotherapists for at-home care.

“Ambles is incredibly experienced and is well respected in the tech community,” said David Steckel, co-founder of Setter. “He jumped right in and leveraged relationships he already had to make Setter even better. Ambles is enthusiastic about our vision, and he has already moved the needle in a significant way. He could have picked any number of startups, and we are lucky to have him.”

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