WASHINGTON, Mo. — Sporlan Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation announced the launch of Virtual Engineer, a new web-based product selection tool that allows the sizing and selection of Sporlan products. Virtual Engineer brings the full feature set of Sporlan’s legacy program into a modern, adaptable platform. 

This version of Virtual Engineer highlights 17 areas:

  • Distributors
  • Expansion valves
  • Solenoid valves — discharge, suction, liquid
  • Catch-alls® — liquid, suction          
  • Suction filters
  • Discharge bypass valves
  • Evaporator pressure regulators
  • Discharge modulating three-way valves
  • Head pressure control valves
  • Differential pressure regulators
  • Temperature responsive valves
  • Three-way hot gas defrost valves
  • Condenser split solenoid valves
  • Three-way heat reclaim valves
  • Secondary coolant valves
  • Liquid, discharge, and suction line sizing
  • Flash gas bypass and gas cooler valves

With the use of a basic template, all product areas are represented on the dashboard when the user first creates a system. The user is then guided from part to part and is prompted to enter specific information and then open the sizing and configuration tools for each product. This feature is particularly valuable in systems such as cooling loops, in which the optimal sizing and selection path is not intuitive. First-time users can now complete sizing and selection with minimal assistance.

Virtual Engineer allows refrigerant and product updates to become available as they are released. The web-based aspect of it ensures users are working with the latest version of the program. The HTML5 interface makes it scalable to the screen size being used.

Popular system features from the previous program such as line sizing and thermodynamic reports have been carried over to Virtual Engineer. Thermodynamic reports have been expanded to include pressure-enthalpy, pressure-temperature, and enthalpy-temperature graphs.

“We are excited about several new tools in the Virtual Engineer package, including the ability to size electric valves and mechanical valves in the same tool allowing for side by side loading analysis,” said Dustin Searcy, division marketing manager, Sporlan Division. “The new software also allows for sizing of a wider range of electric valves, including the modulating three-way valves, electric head pressure control valves, and transcritical CO2 products. This tools builds on Parker Sporlan’s commitment to support the HVACR industry and provide new, innovative tools that help users get the job done right.”

Publication date: 7/2/2019


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