CHICAGO — Grainger recently held its annual shareholder meeting in Lake Forest, Illinois. Grainger Chairman Jim Ryan presided over the meeting and Chief Executive Officer D.G. Macpherson provided an update on the state of the business and offered a recap of 2016 full-year and 2017 first-quarter performance. A copy of the speech is available at

Shareholders elected the following 10 directors:

Rodney C. Adkins

Neil S. Novich

Brian P. Anderso

Michael J. Roberts

V. Ann Hailey

James T. Ryan

Stuart L. Levenick

E. Scott Santi

D.G. Macpherson

James D. Slavik

In addition, the shareholders ratified the appointment of Ernst & Young LLP as independent auditor for 2017. Relative to Say on Pay, shareholders voted in favor of the advisory resolution on executive compensation and voted for one year as the preferred frequency for the advisory vote.