Nu-Calgon has launched Nu-Solve NR, a no-rinse cleaner designed to remove efficiency-robbing grime from the condenser coils of air conditioners and refrigeration systems. A ready-to-use nonfoaming cleaner, Nu-Solve NR does not require a water rinse, so it is ideal for rooftops, cellular towers, and other areas where water availability is an issue. Nu-Solve NR’s detergent-based formula is safe on plastic, metal, and rubber materials.

Nu-Solve NR should be used when aerosol sprays are not economically practical. It is also a powerful alternative to spraying the coil with water, since water alone does not clean coils well.

Nu-Solve NR provides these benefits:

  • Cleans grime off outdoor coils
  • Protects aluminum from corrosion until next cleaning
  • Treats metal surfaces so grime removes easier on next cleaning

A new backpack-style sprayer makes applying Nu-Solve even easier. Complete with an internal pump, the high-pressure sprayer (up to 150 psi) makes coil cleaning even more effective. Now contractors can easily carry Nu-Solve NR onto rooftops and other areas where water is not available.