Rosenberg USA Introduces New Constant Pressure/Constant Airflow Models of ECOFIT Double-Inlet Centrifugal Fans

Rosenberg USA has introduced six new double inlet Ecofit forward-curved centrifugal blowers with speed-controllable EC motors. The new blowers, designated GDSuG9 146x188, include constant pressure, constant airflow and standard pressure/airflow models. Constant pressure and constant airflow blowers can provide simple solutions to common air movement problems.

Constant pressure blowers automatically adjust speed to maintain the same pressure at varying airflow conditions. This makes them ideal for ducted applications in which the opening or closing of duct vents could significantly impact pressures within the system.

Constant airflow models maintain the same airflow at varying pressure, such as filtered applications. Filter elements will change in resistance to airflow over time as they become obstructed by dirt and dust. The new blowers’ electronics will detect this and increase motor power to maintain the proper level of airflow performance.

The new 146-mm x 188-mm blowers are powered by 150W electronically commutated (EC) motors in both 120 and 230 volt AC input, 50/60 Hz. EC motors.

Rosenberg USA


Portable Pressure & Temperature Recorders

Palmer Instruments Inc. has introduced new portable pressure and temperature recorders housed in High Performance Pelican™Brand cases.  Designed for use in the harshest of outdoor environments, the Pelican™case housing provides a watertight, crush-proof, dust-proof enclosure with Heavy Duty Deflector Ribs for extra protection from shocks and impacts.  Stainless Steel padlock protectors provide extra strength and security when locking for tamper resistance.  Use either of the two comfortable rubber over-molded handles to move the recorder between job sites.  Feet are adjustable for placement on uneven surfaces and rubberized to prevent slippage.  Case includes pressure equalization valve to release built-up air pressure while keeping out water.

Pelican™Case recorders are available with a plexiglass window or solid door. Solid door models are IP67 rated, so charts stay dry regardless of the weather, and you can store spare pens and batteries in the convenient holder mounted inside the door.

Palmer Wahl


New LUX/GEO Smart Thermostat

The LUX/GEO puts the flexibility and control of home comfort in the hands of the homeowner, either via smartphone device, desktop or the product’s intuitive control panel. With its attractive design and soft curves, LUX/GEO has both brains and beauty. The large display, control wheel interface and free Android/ iOS app offer intuitive functionality both online and at the device. The LUX/GEO gives the user full control with easy-to-understand programming and has built-in geofencing capability within the app that automatically puts the thermostat into an energy-saving mode when the homeowner is out of the house; it resets to provide optimal comfort when the homeowner enters the designated “fence.” The LUX/GEO is available immediately for a suggested retail price of $179.  It can be purchased on Amazon, or contact your local HVAC contractor.



Rinnai Introduces Demand Duo Commercial Hybrid System

Rinnai has introduced the Demand Duo™, a commercial hybrid water heating system that combines highly efficient heat exchanger technologies from Rinnai’s recently launched 199-BTU, Energy Star-certified C199 condensing commercial tankless water heaters with a durable 119-gallon tank designed to handle the demands of businesses. With a system that produces more hot water in the first hour than traditional commercial systems, it has a six-year heat exchanger and tank warranty and is built for longevity and saves energy.

The Demand Duo provides a direct replacement for traditional standard and high efficiency commercial tanks and features direct vent, common venting options and single-unit/common vent room-air ability that can use the building’s existing vertical vent penetration, eliminating the need to core additional holes in walls and roofs to allow for external ventilation, which can lead to leaks.



New Milwaukee®Locking Tools Feature User-Inspired Torque Lock Design

      Milwaukee Tool continues to rapidly expand its Hand Tool offering with the introduction of several new locking tools that dramatically increase productivity for the user. Featuring a patent-pending Torque Lock™ adjustment system, the new Milwaukee® Locking Pliers and Locking C-Clamps deliver an innovative solution for adjusting the size of the gripping jaws while secured to material. This gives the user the ability to produce maximum locking force with a much faster and controlled setup.

Each tool also features hardened jaws for more gripping power on job site material and is made from chrome plated forged alloy steel for maximum durability and rust protection. A traditional release lever design provides further job site functionality and convenience for increased productivity. The tools are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Milwaukee Tool


York LX Series Residential Gas Furnaces Combine Two-Stage Comfort with Efficiency of ECM Motor 

The all-new York LX Series TM8Y and TM9Y residential gas furnaces from Johnson Controls  combine the comfort of two-stage heating with the efficiency of a standard ECM motor. Subject to advanced manufacturing processes and more than 125,000 hours of rigorous testing, the units deliver reliable performance and efficiencies up to 80 and 96 percent AFUE, respectively, for energy savings of 20 and 37 percent, when compared with older 60 percent AFUE models. The TM9Y model is ENERGY STAR-rated.

Both furnaces are factory-shipped for upflow or horizontal applications and can be converted for downflow applications. Easily accessible controls and no knockouts simplify installation. The units’ compact, easy-to-install 33-inch cabinets fit in tight spaces, allowing for installations in basements, attics, recreation rooms, garages, alcoves and closets. 

Built-in, high-level self-diagnostics with a fault code display simplify servicing, an electric hot surface ignition conserves fuel and a 100 percent shut-off main gas valve provides extra safety.



WaterFurnace Introduces Aluminum Air Coils for Its 5 Series Geothermal Heat Pumps

WaterFurnace International Inc., a manufacturer of geothermal and water source heat pumps, announced that its 5 Series product line now joins the 3 Series products in offering the company’s next generation of aluminum air coils.

All-aluminum coils from WaterFurnace were first developed to meet the rigorous demands of the company’s commercial products. They provide a durable, single-metal solution that eliminates the threat of formicary corrosion and reduces the chance of galvanic corrosion.

The new air coils are easier to recycle and use less material than comparable copper coils, which upholds the environmental standards that both dealers and consumers have come to expect from the WaterFurnace name.

The rollout of aluminum air coils in the 5 Series 500A11 product line will occur in three tiers as indicated below.

  • Models 012 – 030: Sept. 1, 2015
  • Models 038 – 049: Nov. 1, 2015
  • Models 060 – 072: Jan. 1, 2016