The REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE project recently published a set of newly updated material on its e-learning platform. With the aim of addressing climate change and supporting the rapid move to alternatives from high GWP refrigerants, English versions of nine, low GWP alternative refrigerant learning modules were developed by a team of international experts.

The 15 organization-strong team of project partners — trainers, universities, and trade associations across the European Union — carried out a thorough review of the contents of existing learning materials that were originally developed in 2014. Identifying a need in the market, this review led to the introduction of a new module focusing on safety and risk assessment to highlight precautions needed when handling flammable, toxic, and high-pressure low-GWP refrigerants.

The materials now include the following booklets:

  1. Introduction to alternative refrigerants, including safety, efficiency, reliability, and good practice
  2. Safety and risk management
  3. System design using alternative refrigerants
  4. Containment and leak detection of alternative refrigerants
  5. Maintenance and repair of alternative refrigerant systems
  6. Retrofitting with low-GWP refrigerants
  7. Checklist of legal obligations when working with alternative refrigerants
  8. Measuring the financial and environmental impact of leakage
  9. Tools and guidance for conducting site surveys

REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE promotes best practice in training for low GWP alternative HFOs, R32, hydrocarbon, carbon dioxide, and ammonia across Europe — ensuring they are used safely, efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively. The new set of learning materials is available to download free from the REAL Alternatives 4 LIFE website at

Publication date: 4/4/2018

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