Smart technology has been a huge influencer on the HVAC product market. This product roundup provides a sampling of the latest products and software available from manufacturers that will be beneficial to both residential and commercial contractors.

TDP05K Advanced Thermal 
Dispersion Air Measurement System


TDP05K Advanced Thermal Dispersion Air Measurement System

Ruskin allows for highly accurate thermal dispersion airflow and temperature measurements for commercial contractors with the TDP05K Advanced Thermal Dispersion Air Measurement System. This system uses thermal dispersion technology, including up to 16 unique airfoil-shaped probes, to measure airflow within +/-2 percent of the reading. The primary probe replaces the transmitter, simplifying the installation process. Furthermore, probes are daisy-chained together — wired from probe to probe — eliminating proprietary wire connections between each probe and a transmitter box. A wireless remote display option duplicates all function of the primary probe’s display, simplifying setup, and can be installed up to 200 feet away. The primary remote controller or remote display can be wired on the probe network up to 500 feet away from the installed air measurement station’s location. BACnet is standard on every TDP05K.

Delta BreezSignature SIG80-110MHLED

Delta Products Corp.


TThe Delta BreezSignature SIG80-110MHLED ceiling mount ventilating fan features a motion sensor, humidity sensor, LED light, and nightlight, acting as a fan and light combo. The product comes with built-in high-speed control of 80 or 110 cfm. The body of the fan has a clean look with galvanized steel construction for durability. The face of the fan is a sleek, unobtrusive grille that blends in with any décor. The fan impeller stops if obstructed for a safe and worry-free installation process, according to the company. This fan is ASHRAE 62.2 compliant; certified by Home Ventilation Institute (HVI), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and cUL; and Energy Star Most Efficient 2017-qualified.

PredictAir Application Software

Dwyer Instruments Inc.

PredictAir Application Software

The PredictAir Application Software operates in conjunction with the Dwyer SMART Air Hood Balancing Instrument to accurately measure volumetric airflow from diffusers, grilles, and registers in HVAC systems for commercial buildings. This software has a library of diffusers, allowing the contractor to correct for system errors by adjusting the calibration of the hood to the type of diffuser that is being used on that job. By using this software, contractors can save time by no longer having to take traverse readings or completing lengthy calculations for each diffuser type on a job. The software collects data from the Dwyer SMART Air Hood Balancing Instrument and suite of wireless probes to develop airflow balancing reports for testing, adjusting, and balancing contractors. The Predictive Balancing feature allows for less experienced balancers to get up to speed faster and be able to balance in a similar amount of time as an experienced balancer.

Airboxlab Foobot



This home air quality monitor, the Foobot, allows the contractor to utilize the IAQ dashboard to produce powerful before and after, real-life examples of their air quality, so the customer can actually see the difference. Unlike energy savings, there’s no need to wait for a year to see improvement — it starts right away. This dashboard allows for remote air quality monitoring that was designed for HVAC contractors. They can consistently check in on their customers’ air quality and remind them when it’s time for additional services.

RFG Rapid Recovery Unit

RGF Environmental Group Inc.

Rapid Recovery Unit

The Rapid Recovery Unit (RRU) substantially reduces odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), microbes, and bacteria. Utilizing RGF’s patented PHI-Cell technology, it produces an advanced oxidation plasma similar to what is created in the atmosphere on a daily basis. The process features broad-spectrum ultraviolet (UV) light and quad metallic target that combine to generate oxidizers — hydro peroxides, hydroxides, and super oxide ions. These oxidizers kill microbes and reduce odors and gases in the space without the use of chemicals. The duct sanitizer (DS) option — the RRU-16-DS — comes with a flexible hose assembly on the end cap, enabling contractors to attach the hose into the return air vent for easy duct cleaning.

Lux Kono

Lux Products Corp.

KONO Smart Pro Edition

The Lux KONO Smart Pro Edition thermostat is easy for contractors to install. This thermostat doesn’t require a contractor to be an IT troubleshooter — it contains “no tools” push terminals and dual power options by c-wire or via the included Lux Power Bridge for a guaranteed install and forever power. The Home & Away Aware feature automatically adjusts the temperature to a personally selected preference when leaving or entering the home by simply setting a custom radius on the Lux mobile app, and the Smart Tips features automatically sends seasonal tips to homeowners on ways to help save energy. In addition to the value-added features designed with the homeowner in mind, the company’s co-branding program allows HVAC contractors to add company branding and customization to the Lux product app and product accessories.

Victaulic Rool Grooving Tool

The Perfectly Green Corp.

Smart Frog

The Smart Frog air conditioner, also called the “frog unit,” is a high-efficiency residential HVAC system with built in plug-and-play solar and onboard standby generation. Energy efficiency is ensured with the company’s patented blending module, which prioritizes the solar and standby power over grid consumption. The unit provides complete energy management with high efficiency for noticeable energy savings. This product is rated 22 SEER, has a standby generator for security during power outages, and solar plug-and-play that reduces both the carbon footprint and utility bills.

Victaulic Rool Grooving Tool

Victaulic Co.

RG5200i Intelligent Roll Grooving Tool

The RG5200i Intelligent Roll Grooving Tool ensures accuracy, reliability, traceability, and safety for contractors. This tool provides instant feedback on the quality of the groove in the pipe. It is shipped fully assembled with the proximity scanner, control stand, and rolls for standard grooving, eliminating timely assembly. Laser sensors enable automatic measurements of all groove dimensions, and each groove is catalogued and traced. The two-hand touch control stand is located away from the grooving area. The tool reduces rework for contractors, provides groove and pipe specification assurance, ensures the job is done right the first time, increases productivity, and provides greater manpower flexibility, according to the company.

Publication date: 12/4/2017

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