There are plenty of good reasons why more commercial and residential customers are adopting ductless system solutions in place of old-tech, costly and bulky central split systems. Ductless systems offer major advantages and unbeatable performance when it comes to conditioning air faster, maintaining more accurate temperatures and reducing energy costs.

A major advantage of ductless systems is flexibility. Ductless systems provide a scalable solution for additions, retrofit and renovation projects where complicated ductwork installation or re-routing is not feasible or where the central A/C system may not be able to reach effectively. With the surge in popularity of tiny homes, retrofitted lofts and rowhouses where space is at a premium, ductless systems offer efficient cooling designed to match the needs of the space.

Efficiency is a key advantage of ductless systems. Ductless systems allow customers to customize their air conditioning needs to focus on certain rooms or zones used most, providing the ability to tailor temperatures to suit individual comfort levels. Because there is no ductwork required, efficiency is gained by not losing up to an estimated 40 percent of conditioned air through leaky, dirty ducts–also resulting in fresher air.

More than just cooling

But it's time to stop thinking about ductless systems primarily as a cooling solution. With new advancements, ductless systems are an energy efficient source for heating as well. In fact, at least one manufacturer now offers both 9,000 and 12,000 Btu models that deliver 28.0 SEER, with low ambient heat pump performance down to -13 degrees F.

"Ductless systems are a fantastic option for customers who want exceptional heating and cooling performance and efficiency," said TJ Wheeler, Friedrich VP of Marketing and Product Management. "Ductless delivers great flexibility when it comes to installation, but also maximum comfort and cost-savings year-round."

Great design is also key. Ductless systems are designed to be as sleek, slim and unobtrusive as possible, while still delivering extreme efficiency. Homeowners can choose from single-zone cooling models, single-zone heat pumps that cool and heat, and multi-zone heat pumps that cool and heat up to as many as eight rooms on one system. Options include wall mounted units, slim ceiling cassettes and concealed duct units.

Quiet operation is also a big positive. Ductless split systems utilize inverter technology, eliminating the loud and rough compressor "start up" noise. One manufactures in particular, has integrated technology so precise, that the compressor makes changes in 1Hz increments, allowing the unit to run at variable speeds while delivering the most precise heating-cooling capabilities to maintain constant, desired temperatures.

A hot business opportunity

For contractors, being able to offer customers the latest in ductless solutions is a major opportunity to grow business. Many municipality and energy companies, especially in the northwest and along the upper east coast, are offering outstanding rebates for energy efficient products like these, making it more attractive and affordable than ever for customers to consider installing ductless systems.

Manufacturers like Friedrich are providing support by ensuring their units are easy to install and use, and offering strong training and customer support programs. As a commitment to increasing knowledge and training for the ductless category, Friedrich offers the Advantage Program to encourage top dealers to become part of a motivated team of industry professionals dedicated to the sale, installation and support of Friedrich ductless systems through product training, rewards and warranty benefits.

According to Wheeler, for contractors, that means there's no better time to get into the ductless business.

"We're seeing an increasing demand as customer realize all the advantages ductless systems can deliver, along with a huge need for knowledgeable, trained contractors who can provide them with great solutions and service," said Wheeler. "With more options, incentives and support, the future is here when it comes to realizing the strong potential of the growing ductless market."

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