ARLINGTON, Va. — ACCA announced that it has signed 16 agreements with independent allied contracting organizations (ACOs) to work together on advocacy issues impacting HVACR contractors at the state and national level.

While ACCA serves and represents contractors throughout the country and in Washington, District of Columbia, ACOs are independent organizations that offer effective representation for contractors on the state level.

ACCA and its independent ACOs agree to communicate with each other on advocacy issues and collaborate where it makes sense for each organization to do so. Membership is not included or involved in this collaboration, as membership dues are managed separately for each organization.

Currently, ACCA has signed agreements with contracting organizations in 16 states — more than twice as many as existed under the association’s former federated membership structure, which ended in 2015. Current ACOs include:

• Association of Air Conditioning Professionals – serving District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia (AACP)

• Air Conditioning Contractors of Ohio (ACCO)

• Air Conditioning Contractors of Oklahoma (ACCOK)

• Conditioned Air Association of Georgia (CAAG)

• Florida Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors Association (FRACCA)

• Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries Inc. (IHACI)

• Michigan Air Conditioning Contractors Association (MIACCA)

• New Jersey Air Conditioning Contractors Association (NJACCA)

• Oregon Air Conditioning Contractors Association (ORACCA)

• Pennsylvania Air Conditioning Contractors Association (PAACCA)

• South Carolina Association of Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors (SCAHACC)

• Southern Nevada Air Conditioning Refrigeration Contractors Association (SNARSCA)

• Texas Air Conditioning Contractors Association (TACCA)

• Washington State Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Contractors Association (HVACCA)

“ACCA is excited to be working with these state organizations so that we can be a strong, united voice for contractors,” said Paul T. Stalknecht, ACCA president and CEO. “ACCA is a national contracting organization that is run by and for contractors. All the money it receives, whether it be from membership dues or membership services is plowed right back into representing contractors’ interests on Capitol Hill, with federal government agencies, and within the contracting industry.”

Contractors who are not currently a member of their state group are encouraged to support their state association. Membership in ACCA does not include membership in any state organization, or vice versa; each membership is wholly separate. ACCA membership is administered solely by the national ACCA organization.

Any state contracting associations that offer advocacy and representation in their state capitals may be considered for the ACO program. They are encouraged to contact ACCA at

Publication date: 4/13/2016

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