Name: Walter Reynoso

Title: HVAC Electrician, Port of Houston Authority, Houston

Accolades: Walter Reynoso has accelerated in his position as the HVAC electrician for the Port of Houston Authority (PHA), where he is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all HVACR-related equipment for all Port of Houston properties along a 25-mile complex. Reynoso is also responsible for performing preventive maintenance and repairs on seven PHA buildings.

“Within one year, Walter has made a port-wide impact in preventive maintenance systems currently in play that will continue to save PHA money in longer life cycles,” said Michael Gignac, maintenance manager, PHA.
“He has been a model employee and gives our team
a true value of what a facility maintenance team brings to an organization.”

Reynoso, who is currently in school to become an electronics technician, said he excels because he enjoys his job. “I like solving problems, and I like to make everybody comfortable,” he said. “I’m a team player, as well, and I enjoy working work with my coworkers.”

Reynoso is also known for his exceptional problem-solving abilities, Gignac said. “Walter was called to help out with an HVAC issue with a large container facility that has been problematic for a long period of time. Not only did Walter correctly diagnose and repair problems with the chiller systems on the port operations buildings, but he went above and beyond to troubleshoot problems with an adjacent modern cruise ship facility that was undergoing problems from boiler issues and threatening the comfort and wellbeing of thousands of cruise passengers. His broad knowledge of all these systems has made him a valuable asset to our maintenance team and has brought credit upon himself and PHA as a whole.”

In addition to excelling at his job, Reynoso is also a memorable personality, Gignac added.

“He is a looming 6-foot-7-inch Argentinian man whose distinction is marked by a broad-rim cowboy hat. Wherever he goes, his trademark cowboy hat ensures us we know the job is going to be done right.”

Reynoso said his goal is to read, learn, and continually improve himself. “There is so much out there still to learn,” he said. “Every day is like school, and there are always new things to learn. I’m focused on being the best I can be.”

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Publication date: 2/29/2016