GRAPEVINE, Texas — NetworkThermostat, a leading communications-based thermostat manufacturer, announced it has received the WFX 2015 New Products Award for two new IP thermostats, the UP32HE-IP and the UP32HE-WIFI. Each device includes calendar-based event scheduling and an integrated humidity sensor provides monitoring and control of humidification or dehumidification locally or remotely over the Internet.

The company said the thermostats’ interface and powerful web engine puts the right amount of control at the right location. The integrated web server automatically detects the device type (PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile phone), makes the required connections, and delivers either full web pages (PC, Mac or iPad) or mobile pages (iPhone or Android phone). The UP32H platforms include the Net/X Advanced Remote Sensor Bus for attaching up to 11 remote sensors for monitoring of up to six different sensor types.

These Internet thermostats allow point and click control from almost any browser on any device from any Internet access point. An extended hold (vacation) is quickly created from an Internet connection or the thermostat front panel by simply entering the day and time to return to normal scheduling. NetworkThermostat’s event scheduling engine allows up to 40 calendar-based events for multiple holidays and vacations, and up to 40 special events for extended hours and special one-time events. Both versions feature automatic changeover 3-heat/2-cool thermostats with programmability from just a single schedule to seven days per week with up to four events per day.

Full Ethernet 10/100Mbps (UP32HE-IP) or Wi-Fi 802.11b/g (UP32HE-WIFI) connections simplify PCI compliance for the commercial world. Multiple control options include the browser access to all thermostats, free Internet-based Net/X™ Remote Device login tool, free Net/X™ Device Explorer tool for on-site management, and the free Enterprise-Class Net/X-IP Command Center software for drag-and-drop scheduling and control of multiple thermostats, and the NetX-Cloud cloud server environment.

Since many facilities have dynamic schedules (schools, churches, office buildings, manufacturing centers, etc.), NetworkThermostat addresses this need with its calendar-based scheduling. Use calendar events for extended vacations such as Easter, Christmas, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving. Use special events for single day events that may last several hours such as conferences. Also featured is a powerful “Hold Until Unoccupied” capability that holds an override set point until the next unoccupied schedule executes.

To meet customer requests for flexible humidification/dehumidification control, NetworkThermostat offers integrated or external humidity sensor monitoring and humidification/dehumidification control.

The UP32HE supports auxiliary inputs and sensors. Each unit supports occupancy sensing; two digital inputs for condensate switch, dirty filter, or other fault condition; and an advanced remote sensor bus that can monitor supply/return air, refrigerators/freezers, water temperature, etc. The 3-wire remote sensor bus supports 11 sensors with up to 19 alarms.

Both thermostat platforms support up to four email and text message destinations for sending reminders and condition alerts to both customer and service personnel. Simply enter the desired alert email addresses and phone numbers in the embedded secure email client. Critical alerts can be repeated until the alert condition is corrected and reset. There are 19 alert conditions. These alerts include humidity levels, filter change reminders, and an Inefficient Equipment Run alert.

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Publication date: 11/30/2015

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