Company: eControls Inc.

Product: Pro Series Zoning Panels

Description: Pro Series plug-and-play zoning panels include ASHRAE 62.2 fresh air control as well as bypass control options. Built-in fresh air control eliminates the need for the contractor to buy, install, and wire a separate fresh air controller. A plug-in display is used to calculate or set the fresh air minutes per hour. The panel will fulfill the fresh air minutes during heating and cooling calls to improve occupant comfort. If the fresh air minutes per hour cannot be met during calls, the panel opens the fresh air damper and turns the fan on until the fresh air minutes are met. For bypass, the contractor has the option to use a barometric damper and bypass duct or set the close stop on the zone dampers or bypass to non-calling zones, which eliminates the barometric damper and bypass duct. To bypass to non-calling zones, the contractor uses the plug-in display to set the bypass position for each zone during cooling and heating calls, taking into consideration the difference in cooling and heating
fan speeds.

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