Company: eControls

Product: WHF Thermostat

Description: This patent-pending product controls the whole house fan by using the setpoint temperature and the room temperature. A traditional timer control is also included in the thermostat. The device controls one- or two-speed permanent split capacitor (PSC) or electronically commutated motor (ECM) fans as well as variable-speed ECM fans. When the homeowner selects control by temperature, the thermostat monitors the setpoint temperature and the room temperature and activates the fan only when the room temperature rises above the setpoint temperature. An optional outdoor temperature sensor can be installed to inhibit activating the fan when the outdoor temperature is above the limit. In integrated control models for residential new construction and replacement, the thermostat also controls the heating and cooling system and eliminates activating the whole house fan and compressor cooling at the same time.

Contact: 949-916-0945;; eProduct 185


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