As technology continues to advance, more and more industry mobile applications are becoming available for smartphones and tablets. These mobile apps can be valuable tools for HVACR customers, contractors, distributors, and manufacturers.

Here at The NEWS, we will be spotlighting several of these mobile apps each month. If you have an app you would like included in the App Zone, please complete our online submission form. If you have any questions, please email

Field Manage

Field ManageCompany: Locqus LLC

Platform(s): Apple and Android mobile devices

Released: March 2014

Cost: Free

Available for download: iTunes, Google Play, and

Description: Locqus’ app enables companies to automatically share real-time updates to schedule appointments while in transit to a job. Now, businesses can automatically send customers an email or text message of a map, identification photo, or an estimated arrival time of service workers prior to scheduled appointments. The map and arrival time update approximately every five minutes. Once the appointment is completed, the customer will no longer have access to the driver’s location.

Quote: “We’ve provided companies with the ability to more easily update customers. It’s providing a seamless service experience for free. Most businesses would have to shell out thousands of dollars for this type of experience; we’re opening up the marketplace by giving small businesses a competitive edge against the larger counterparts — here in Detroit and around the country.” — Sandy Kronenberg, cofounder, Locqus LLC

Steam Tools Mobile App

Steam Tools Mobile AppCompany: Spirax Sarco Inc.

Platform(s): Android mobile devices

Updated: December 2013

Cost: Free

Available for download: iTunes, Google Play, and

Description: Spirax Sarco is excited to release a new Android version of Steam Tools to help provide customers and sales engineers access to key calculations when identifying the right steam tools for the job — all in the palm of users’ hands. Simple to use, the app enables quick and easy access to steam tables and saturated steam pipe sizing tools, helping one size a pipeline without the need for an Internet connection, making it perfect for steam engineers on the go. To enhance the feature settings, both tools offer the output of this data into a range of different standardized units. Also included are links to the company’s steam engineering tutorials, comprehensive product literature catalog, international website, and YouTube channel.

Quote: “Excellent engineering tool and excellent steam system design and equipment selection.” — Mohammed Abdulkader, Google Play review

DC Control Beta/Lite

DC Control Beta/LiteCompany: Distech Controls

Platform(s): Apple and Android mobile devices

Updated: February 2014

Cost: Free

Available for download: iTunes, Google Play, and

Description: The DC Control Lite application provides the ability to access the main functions of Distech Controls’ ECB BACnet® programmable controllers in order to facilitate interaction with the system and monitoring of its status. The easy-to-use, intuitive, and powerful application allows users to access input/output values and statuses; change set point values; override outputs and process values; configure weekly schedules, special events, and calendars; access the list of overridden values; view and acknowledge system alarms; and test and commission inputs and outputs. The app works with Distech Controls’ systems, solutions, and products; minimal configuration of EC-NetAX is required. The Lite version is compatible only with Distech Controls’ ECB BACnet programmable controllers.

Quote: “Works great. Awesome app to have, especially for the service tech or startup guy. Much easier than bringing out the laptop for a simple check.” — Tyler Heer, Google Play review

Service Pro Mobile

Service Pro MobileCompany: MSI Data

Platform(s): Apple, Android, and Windows mobile devices

Updated: January 2012

Cost: Free

Available for download: iTunes, Google Play, and

Description: Complete with powerful mobile field service and inspection applications for iPad, iPhone, Android, or Windows, Service Pro® Mobile automates field-to-office communication in the areas of service portals, dispatching, scheduling, labor time, parts/inventory, assets, warranties, maintenance contracts, tasks, inspections, photo and signature capture, service history, and more.

Quote: “Our easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy mobile field service software empowers field service techs with immediate information to get the job done right, on the first call.” — Joanna Pfahler, content marketing specialist, MSI Data


ServiceTradeCompany: ServiceTrade Inc.

Platform(s): Apple and Android mobile devices

Updated: August 2013

Cost: Free 30-day trial; $29 per technician per month after the trial.

Available for download: iTunes, Google Play, and

Description: ServiceTrade helps eliminate pesky service update phone calls, stops extra trips back to the office to drop off paperwork, and cuts out distractions to help companies focus on delivering more jobs. It allows technicians to access detailed job information, report problems with pictures and audio memos, view the map of all their work, scan and upload paperwork from the field, update the office as they work, and more.

Quote: “The ServiceTrade mobile application is for folks who do real work. Field technicians use our application to deliver more jobs, report better information, and connect with the customer.” — Shawn Mims, owner, ServiceTrade Inc.

Publication date: 3/31/2014 

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