The NEWS was very busy at the AHR Expo in New York City, visiting as many booths as possible in search of new products. Below is a comprehensive list of all the tools we found on the show floor.

AmiraLin Innovations LLC displayed its HVAC Strap magnetic manifold gauge holder, which holds up HVACR gauges using a magnet instead of a hook. This allows safe placement of gauges away from high-voltage connections as well as the ability to position the gauges so they can be easily read. The magnet features a rubberized coating, and is designed and manufactured in the U.S.

Attexor Clinch Systems SA showcased its Spot Clinch® filter clinching assembly automatic station. The machine joins sheet metal without fasteners. The station is ready for connection to a six-bar air and 220-V supplies. Up to six clinch heads can be installed, the distance between them can be manually adjusted. The unit can accommodate filter frames from 270-by-270-inches up to 915-by-915-inches. The number of clinch heads can be reduced by means of quick-locking individual supports.

Bacharach Inc. demonstrated the ECO-2020 refrigerant recovery unit, which features a 2-cylinder oil-less air-cooled compressor to provide quiet-running performance with less vibration. The newly designed unit recovers all chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), hydrofluorocarbon (HFC), and hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) nonflammable refrigerants and includes an easily replaceable in-line filter to prevent contaminants from entering the machine. It features high- and low-pressure shutoff, simple single-knob operation, and an optional 80 percent tank overfill/shut-off function.

Bellman-Melcor LLC featured ChannelFlux Silver, a patented silver brazing material consisting of a silver brazing wire with a flux-filled channel, offering alloy and flux in a flexible, yet durable, matrix. Because the flux channel is exposed, flux is in direct contact with the base metals, and the entire flux system releases in advance of the alloy, resulting in better performance and no hidden flux voids. ChannelFlux Silver is available in a variety of alloy and flux options, as well as wire sizes and preform shapes.

Burr Oak Tool Inc. highlighted its FP-400 fin production line. The 45-ton, straight-side style press anchors a cost-effective production line and consistently produces quality fins with design elements that lead to longer tool life. The increased tonnage over the OAK FP-1 press allows for a wider variety of fin materials and more intricate die tooling patterns. A new extended bolster increases flexibility, and the interior of the die is easily reached for tooling inspection and maintenance.

ClenAir Mfg. Inc. showcased its PenetrateHD industrial super penetrating lubricant for freeing the toughest rusted metal parts. It frees stuck fan blades, blower wheels, pulleys, nuts, and bolts, and its unique formula uses capillary action to penetrate into the smallest cracks and crevices. The powerful solvent breaks the bonds of corrosion and also lubricates and protects metals by displacing water and preventing rust.

Cliplight Mfg. Co. highlighted Sure Shot + Eco Boost™, which permanently seals and prevents leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Eco Boost reduces noise and energy consumption, as well as extends compressor life, and is safe for all compressors, components, and recovery units.

Errecom s.r.l. offered No-Acid, which contains special chemical ingredients to seek out and neutralize acids in the system. The ingredients continue to act in the system preventing further acid formation.

General Tools & Instruments highlighted its new 14-in-1 HVAC Multi-Pro Screwdriver. The American-made tool makes selecting and changing bits quick and easy. The rotating and retractable in-handle bit cartridge functions as convenient storage for six double-ended bits and one single-ended bit while simultaneously saving space in tool kits and reducing the risk of lost parts. The inclusion of the Schrader Valve Stem bit and Square Awl Reamer bit make this tool ideal for HVAC servicing. The following bit load combinations fit most HVAC applications: Slotted — 3+5, 4+6, 5.5+Schrader Valve Stem; Phillips — 0+3, 1+2, 2+2; and Square Awl Reamer.

Goodway Technologies Corp. launched its RAM-PRO-XL® rotary tube cleaner. This tool features TubeGuard® technology, a cleaning delivery system that obliterates biofilm and protects tubes against corrosion, as well as quick-connect shafts and brushes, a powerful motor with adjustable shaft rotation, integrated water flush, and a rugged roll-bar support to protect the equipment with the addition of an integrated two-wheel dolly. The company stated that it not only helps deliver cleaner tubes by blasting biofilm, it also adds corrosion protection to the tubes, protecting against future efficiency reducing corrosion build-up while the chiller remains shut down.

Highside Chemicals Inc. displayed HVAC Super Pro solderless one-part copper bonding for all repairs and new installations. This new product starts to set up in 20 seconds and forms a solid bond in three minutes. It is compatible with all refrigerants and oils. The company also highlighted HVACR Instant Patch, a two-part bonding (fluid and micro cells) for permanently sealing holes in all metals and rigid plastics. It forms a high-strength bond in seconds, and full cure takes 20 minutes.

hilmor launched more than 150 separate items across multiple categories in 2013 including manifolds, gauges, and electronics. Included among its releases at this year’s AHR Expo were its Folding Utility Knife, featuring a blade-locking mechanism and liner lock that make it easy for one-handed operation. Also highlighted was the company’s Compact Tubing Cutters (small diameter and large diameter), which are designed to help technicians make precise one-handed flaring cuts that don’t tear, pinch, or kink copper and aluminum tubes. The company’s Quick Change Magnetic Nut Driver (6-inch shaft) is constructed with chrome vanadium steel and features a hollow shaft and magnetic tip that keeps fasteners firmly in place.

Klein Tools Inc. introduced its line of Hi-Visibility tools, which feature glow-in-the-dark grips that charge in natural and artificial lighting and glow up to 30 minutes. Tools include high-leverage side-cutting pliers and diagonal-cutting pliers, as well as a wire stripper/cutter. Also on display were tech bags designed to store laptops, phones, cables, and more.

Knipex Tools LP exhibited its Knipex 8” Electrical Installation Pliers and Double-Edged Bolt & Screw Extractors from Rennsteig. The 8” Electrical Installation Pliers provide options for cutting, stripping, crimping, gripping, bending, and deburring. These pliers combine the basic functions of five other tools that are essential for electrical installation: side cutting pliers, long nose pliers, wire strippers, crimping pliers, and cable shears. The Rennsteig bolt and screw extractors are available as individual pieces in a plastic case or as sets either in a plastic tube, vinyl pouch, or metal case. The drill diameter ranges from 1/8-15/16 inch and range in weight from 0.3-7.2 ounces. The company also showed its Pliers Wrench, which employs a 10-to-1 lever ratio; smooth jaws; and push-button, positive locking mechanism allowing for a wide range of adjustment positions while the gripping jaws remain parallel regardless of handle position.

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. demonstrated many tools, including its 4PC SAE Nut Driver Set, 10IN1 Multi Bit Driver, Sawzall® blade offerings, Diamond Plus™ Hole Saws, The original Fastback™ II Knife, The Fastback™ Hawk Bill Knife, Fastback Smooth Pocket Knife, Fastback Spring Assisted Knife, HollowCore Nut Drivers, Insulated Screwdrivers, and more. Numerous additions to its M12 line included the M12 Drilling and Driving Transition, the M12 FUEL Rotary Hammer, M12 HammerVac, and more. The M18 line also expanded, adding the M18 Flood Light, M18 Fuel Circ Saw, M18 Fuel Grinder, and more. The company also announced the expansion of its Demolition Screwdrivers, Shockwave driver, Utility Blades, and more.

Nitto Kohki U.S.A. Inc. highlighted its delvo electric screwdrivers for professional use, with special emphasis on precise torque control and long-term reliability. Brushless motors are incorporated for maximum tool life, the ergonomic grip offers greater operator comfort and increased maneuverability, the clear plastic torque adjustment cover is included as a standard accessory, and the grounded bit system is standard.

Nu-Calgon displayed Nu-Shield, which is a specially formulated super hydrophobic chemistry developed for service where anti-wetting, anti-corrosion, anti-icing, and self-cleaning properties are desired on material surfaces in HVACR applications. Applications include the reduction of ice formation on refrigeration coils or ice banks, added corrosion protection of coils, or low-voltage circuit boards in corrosive environments. The company also highlighted the CompleteCare Mini-Split Kit, which provides everything needed for cleaning, disinfecting, and controlling mold in mini-split systems.

Oxyweld snc exhibited several Oweld water gas generators, including its 30.000 HD Oxyhydrogen Flame gas generator for welding and brazing materials. The unit is ideal for OEM, transformers, and power generators. The device is applicable for electric motor and power generator repair shops, weighing 1,650 pounds and boasting a distilled water consumption of 180 cubic inches per hour. The company’s 20.000 HD Oxyhydrogen is slightly smaller than the 30.000 HD, weighing 1,388 pounds and registering a distilled water consumption of 120 cubic inches per hour. The 10.000 EP Oxyhydrogen is smaller yet, weighing 650 pounds with a distilled water consumption of 60 cubic inches per hour. All three models feature a flame temperature of 3,650?C. The 10.000 EP is applicable in the manufacturing of trophies, chandeliers, statues, and other brass articles.

Pex Gun, a division of Amigo Products, demonstrated its PEX Gun, an automatic cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipe tie tool. It provides a fast and economical way to attach PEX and PEX-AL pipe rebar and wire mesh for radiant floor and snow and ice melt installations. According to the company, just pull the trigger and the PEX Gun ties pipe to wire mesh or rebar in one second. The tool is lightweight and compact, and allows one-hand operation. It can install pipe ranging from 3/8-3/4 inch.

Ratchetech, a division of NeoTech Mfg., released its seven-piece Metric and SAE ratchet sets. It features a short 30-degree throw and compact design. It is made from durable, low-alloy hardened steel. It features a 90-degree flexhead that stays in position during operation, which gives the wrench access to extremely tight spaces.

Red Devil Inc. featured its general-purpose construction adhesive, which is a professional-strength, volatile organic compound (VOC)-compliant formula that exceeds performance requirements of ASTM C-557. It contains no ozone-depleting chemicals and is ideal for stone, marble, hardboard, gypsum wallboard, ceramic tile, slate, polyurethane, and polystyrene foams.

Rostra Tool Co.’s Sargent Quality Tools displayed its Easy Seal Crimper #7306 ES. The tool provides options for cutting ½- and ¾-inch PEX tube sizes. It only requires 8 ½-inch clearance, making it ideal to crimp between joists and other tight quarters. It includes a go/no-go gauge and features spring-loaded pins that make die changing quick and easy. It also showcased its Easy Seal Crimper Kit #7306 ESK. It includes 9506 ½- and ¾-inch radial PEX cutter. It features a carrying case that holds a crimp tool, PEX cutter, ½-inch die set, and go/no gauge.

Sealed Unit Parts Co. Inc. featured Attic Pro® utility lift for lifting equipment into upper-level locations. It is adjustable from 14-24 inches, has a 20-foot cable length, integrated locking hook, and steel construction.

Seco/Warwick Group showcased its Universal CAB Batch Furnace, designed to braze the widest variety of heat exchangers in horizontal or vertical position, depending on the product design requirements. It operates on a part-time basis. The furnace can be brought up to brazing temperature from ambient and conditioned to a proper atmosphere in a very short time. This two-chamber batch system allows for variable heating and cooling rates, depending on product requirements. The unit features a brazing time of 10-40 minutes, cycle time of 30-70 minutes, and a load mass of 350 kg.

Shurtape Technologies LLC highlighted DC 181, a UL-listed film tape designed for sealing, connecting, joining, and patching Class 1 flex duct. An aggressive, yet conformable, tape solution, DC 181 is easy to unwind, can be torn by hand, and features a printed biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film and water-based acrylic adhesive. It’s ideal for creating airtight, permanent, and waterproof connections on Class 1 flex duct to prevent air loss. DC 181 is tested in accordance with UL 723 and is also a Shurtape Green Point Contributor product, meaning it contributes to Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED)-certification points when combined with other eligible building materials.

SpeedClean LLC introduced the Mini Split Bib® kit, which is designed to properly clean mini-split systems up to 44-inches wide. It uses the custom bib section to create a barrier against the wall and other surroundings so that contractors can effectively clean the coils, fan blades, and more with pressurized cleaning systems. To use the kit, slide the brackets in behind the corners of the mini-split air handler, then attach the bib and protective wall plates and tighten. Then place the bottom of the bib funnel into the included 5-gallon bucket. All coil cleaner, water, and debris is safely funneled into the 5-gallon bucket.

Thomas C. Wilson LLC debuted the Enforcer-500 tube expander system for tubes with ½-1 ½-inch outside diameter. The electronic torque-control system features an articulating arm mount for reduced operator fatigue. A torque-sensing system allows the unit to accurately sense torque levels as low as 1 foot-pound and in ¼-foot-pound increments. The unit also includes an automatic lubrication system that feeds lubricant directly to the collar to ensure longer life of both expanders and tubes.

TerraLux Inc. displayed its TLH 50 TerraLux headlamp, which features ultra light aluminum construction, durability, and comfort. It also features friction adjustment to keep the light on target. The casing is made of CNC machined 6061 aluminum, Type II hard anodized, and is weather-resistant and waterproof up to 1 meter. The 540-lumen lamp features five settings, including strobe setting, and is impact tested to 1 meter.

Umicore AG & Co. offered the BrazeTec BlueBraze, which can obtain up to 4 meters more brazing material per kg of silver. That gives the user the ability to carry out about 6 percent more soldering joints with the same quantity of material.

Veto Pro Pac LLC launched its heavy-duty Cargo Tote Series of bags which allow tradesmen to store larger tools, parts, and equipment. The initial launch includes two sizes, the CT-LC and CT-XL, to offer customers multiple van and job site storage options. The CT-LC and CT-XL come with some outside vertical pockets, leather grips, 1800 denier body fabric, the company’s waterproof polypropylene base, and Veto Pro Pac’s standard five-year limited warranty. Veto Pro Pac also displayed its MB2 tall meter bag. The MB2 allows technicians to store taller meters and analyzers (up to 12.5-inches tall and 5.5-inches wide) from many different manufacturers. The MB2 has 10 vertical pockets, two meter pockets, 1800 denier nylon body fabric, a detachable rubber handle, and an electrical tape strap. It comes with Veto Pro Pac’s standard five year limited warranty.

WeatherHawk showcased its myBlue ambient temperature tags for home, business, scientific, and educational applications. The small tags have hundreds of uses and can track temperatures from -4? to 140?F. The wireless tags use 2.4-GHz ISM band and are Bluetooth-compatible. The tags have a range of up to 40 meters outside and 10 meters inside, are waterproof and shock-resistant, and can display temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The tags are compatible with a free app for iOS devices.

Publication date: 2/17/2014 

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