Airware Inc. ( presented the SynCal System for recommissioning installed gas sensors wirelessly via infrared without the need for standard calibration gases. The system recalibrates a given sensor, eliminates drift in sensor readings, and keeps installed sensors accurate over time. The company’s Calibration Master Model CM-1 works with Airware’s Absorption Biased-based NDIR gas sensors to eliminate the need of standard gases typically used for the recalibration processes.

AmiraLin Innovations LLC ( introduced a magnetic strap that retrofits to existing gauges to allow service technicians to position them in a safe and efficient manner while working on HVAC equipment. The HVAC Strap is a patent-pending device created by a technician that enables gauges to be conveniently hung on any metal service. The magnet has a special coating to prevent scratches to equipment. The straps can also be customized to include logos and advertising messages.

Atlantic Chemical & Equipment Co. ( highlighted the ACESeal AC/R and HVAC/R leak solutions, which seals small (up to 300 microns) leaks in condensers, evaporators, and refrigerant lines. The AC/R can handle up to 1.5 tons while the HVAC/R can handle up to 5 tons. The AceSeal is not a polymer-based sealant, so no drying agent is required. In addition, it does not require evacuation of refrigerant to input sealant, and the sealant blends with oil/refrigerant mix to travel to the leak. The oil and refrigerant escape through the lead while larger molecules in the sealant bond together to seal.

Attexor Clinch Systems SA ( has developed a new stand-alone machine, the SPOT CLINCH® 4006 P50 MAS, which joins varying thicknesses of sheet metal at a rate up to 100 joints per minute.

Burr Oak Tool Inc. ( displayed the Oak Triumph electric hairpin bender, which it says is 70 percent more productive than previous models, has a smaller factory footprint, provides quicker tooling changes, and produces straighter legs and more consistent leg lengths. It can produce eight tubes per cycle for all diameters, seven seconds per cycle for 6-inch length, and eight seconds per cycle for 35-inch length. It features a touchscreen interface for easy length changes.

Complift (, a division of Jarvis Industries Inc., exhibited its Residential #2 lift, which lifts and lowers residential compressors that are too heavy to lift by hand. It can also be used for units that are too tall to reach. It has a 1,000-pound load capacity and can be assembled and disassembled without tools. The lift includes a trolley, hoist, and will straddle a truck bed. The hoist measures 10-feet tall to the bottom of the 8-foot beam.

Duro Dyne Corp. ( showed the high-speed multihead pinspotter. It offers full production capacity from ½-inch pins on light-gauge material through 10-foot sheets of 16-gauge material pinned with 2-inch pins at 6-inch centers at 50 feet per minute. The newly designed pin feed system accommodates ½- to 2-inch pins with no change of bowls required. The Ambidextrous Control Console with umbilical cord allows operation from either side of the fabrication line, to accommodate L-to-R and R-to-L work flow. The open-air design allows the operator a full view of material as it passes through the line.

Fieldpiece Instruments ( introduced multiple new products, including the SMAN4. This four-port, wireless digital manifold has a 3/8-inch port for evacuations and recovery. The four ports allow technicians to evacuate a system, pull a vacuum, add refrigerant, and dial in the charge at one time without having to hook and unhook any hoses. The SMAN4 wirelessly receives live indoor wet bulb and outdoor dry bulb, then automatically calculates real-time target superheat, and displays both the target superheat and actual superheat on the large, backlit display. The SOX3 Combustion Check provides all the essential measurements needed to tune most combustion equipment. It directly measures percent O₂ and flue temperature, and calculates percent CO₂, percent excess air, and combustion efficiency. The DDSM1 Draft Simulator creates a controlled vacuum to test pressure switches, so technicians can tell exactly when a pressure switch closes and opens. This either proves that the switch is within specification, or identifies if the switch is starting to fail.

General Tools & Instruments ( showcased its new iBorescope (DCiS1), which allows contractors and technicians to wirelessly view, capture, and save high-definition inspection images and video on any iPad or iPhone. The company also exhibited a digital refrigerant-leak detector (RLD400). The device is built to detect all commercially available HFC, HFO, HC, HCFC, and CFC refrigerant gases, including many new ozone layer friendly blends, such as R-22 and R-1234yf.

GM Fleet and Commercial ( had several of its 2013 commercial vehicles on display with configurations demonstrating how the vans can be utilized specifically for the HVACR industry.

Goodway Technologies Corp. ( displayed the CC-400HF system for cleaning thick HVACR evaporator and condenser coils. The CoilPro®-HiFlo™ system delivers 400 psi cleaning power at 3 gpm flow rate. It comes with a variety of wand attachments so the user can utilize the right one for the application. The CC-400HF includes the HiFlo coil cleaner, including 12-foot hose, spray gun, 3-foot sectional, 3/8-inch diameter stainless steel condenser wand, 18-inch wand, two nozzles (foaming and flat spray), and a 1-gallon bottle of CoilShine.

Goss Inc. ( highlighted its Torcholder™ (part no. MP-100). The Torcholder fits on a tank cylinder on different spots of the tank, depending on usage. It can sit at the bottom of the tank to keep the torch and tank standing upright, can go higher to protect hands from hot solder, and can be slid even higher to be a portable and safe stand.

Grinnell Products (, a Tyco Intl. company, showcased its installation-ready grooved coupling called the GRINNELL Rapid Installation Pivot-bolt (GRIP) Figure 740 Coupling. The product allows for quick installation and easy visual confirmation of the gasket seal, the company said.

hilmor ( launched six tools, debuting the compact swage tool, the dual readout thermometer with thermocouple clamps, an aluminum manifold, a compact bender, a quick-engage flare and swage, and an electronic gauge with vacuum sensor. The compact swage tool is operable with just one hand and can swage anywhere from 5/8-inch to 1 5/8-inch tubing. The dual readout thermometer with thermocouple clamps can be attached to any manifold using the hook provided and features two digital temperature readouts so calculating superheat and subcool no longer requires multiple tools. The aluminum manifold has a forged aluminum body with rubberized handles, protective gauge boots, replaceable stainless steel valve stems, and a pressure indicator ring that allows users to mark a spot with a marker. The compact bender allows technicians to achieve precise bends up to 90 degrees on ¼-inch to 7/8-inch tubing with a quick-release mechanism allowing it to be done with one hand. The quick-engage flare and swage tool has a spring-loaded block featuring clothespin-like clamp action to immediately secure tubes ready for flaring or swaging. With ball detents, the yoke can be quickly aligned. The electronic gauge with vacuum sensor is a hybrid gauge with both analog and digital readouts with lights color coordinated to the selected refrigerant. It also features a micron gauge, self calibration, and is accurate to within 1 percent.

Knapheide Mfg. Co. ( displayed the Simpleco® storage block. These blocks are constructed of plastic side panels and the shelves are made of powder-coated, 20-gauge galvanneal steel. Each block includes a top- and middle-divider shelf, as well as a bottom tray, that accepts Sortimo® boxes. The blocks are mounted in the back of service vehicles to create a hanging shelving system. This configuration leaves the floor space empty for hauling and storage.

Knipex Tools ( introduced its Cobra Quick Set Pliers, which combine the features of automatic-adjusting pump pliers with traditional push-button pump pliers. Distinguished by a blue button and measuring 10 inches in length, the Cobra Quick Set Pliers feature a 2-inch gripping capacity and perform well in confined or hard-to-reach areas where access to the nut or bolt is difficult. The pliers are ideal for use during repetitive work. A built-in shifting mechanism allows the operator to smoothly and easily adjust the tool to the correct capacity when access to the push button is limited. The tool adjusts easily with one or two hands.

Mestek Inc. ( introduced its EZ Connector corner and screws. The corners feed from all IPI/Engel automated corner-insertion/crimping machines with new presser blocks with simple modification, plus the “tear drop” connector serves as a pilot guide for assembly. The screws come in ¾-inch rugged, 1½-inch rugged, and 1-inch cutter. The company also highlighted its EZ Hanger System, which works with all three duct-suspension methods — steel straps, steel-wire trapeze, and threaded rod. Laboratory tests say the EZ Hanger can hold an 18 gauge duct to 2,800 pounds (with #10 self-tapping screw) or 1,400 pounds with no screw.

MrPex Systems Inc. ( introduced its SmartClip System to make attaching PEX tubing to wire mesh easy and comfortable. The tool is adjustable to the height of the user and is used to fasten varying sizes of SmartClips to the wire mesh. Once the clips are in place, the tubing can be easily put in place.

Nibco Inc. ( displayed the Press Forward, a set of tools, valves, and fittings as a single-source package, which saves time on the job. With Press Forward, systems can be dry-fit before crimping, and there are no leaks from inadequate solder joints. It also features flame-free installation and can be used for wet installations when pressed for time.

North Alabama Pipe Corp. (, a division of Anvil Intl., displayed its Big Cut and Quick Cut machines. The Big cut machine cuts 2½- to 16-inch pipe sizes up to 25-feet long, while the Quick Cut machine cuts 2- to 8-inch pipe sizes up to 25-feet long. Features for both machines include adjustable torch guide for bevel cutting, air plasma system for fast and clean pipe cutoff, heavy-duty frame and rollers, power head to rotate pipe, torch holder on measuring track, and can cut bent pipe.

Nu-Calgon ( displayed the TriClean 2x coil cleaner. It is tailored for the annual cleaning of residential and light commercial outdoor air conditioning coils. The metal-safe, low-foaming biodegradable formula rapidly emulsifies dirt and grime so the system continues to run efficiently. One bottle cleans up to three 5-ton coils. The company also showed its Eco-Lyme, an environmentally friendly descaler that can be used in applications such as cooling towers, evaporative coolers, boilers, processing equipment, and more. It has a low-foaming chemistry and is odorless.

Parker Hannifin Corp. ( featured its eco-friendly insulation tape for use with hot pipes up to 325˚F. Premium Hi-Temp Cork Insulation Tape is rated for insulating hot piping in confined areas in refrigerators and freezers, heat pumps, and solar applications. Premium Hi-Temp Cork Insulation Tape can be used on cool pipes down to -20˚ (-29˚C). The product can mold around valves and fittings, eliminating the need for precast insulation forms. The tape does not contain asphalt or any volatile organic compounds (VOC), making it easier to dispose of and less messy in application, the manufacturer said.

Ridgid ( showed Model 238-P powered soil-pipe cutter. It cuts cast-iron soil pipe quickly and easily in tight spaces. The cutter is designed to cut up to 8-inch soil pipe when driven by an impact driver or 4 inches with the included ratchet. It is 11.5 inches in length, has a removable handle, and low-profile cutter wheels. The articulating outward-facing chain hooks lay on the pipe to simplify latching. Two-directional operation allows scoring of the pipe for a clean cut.

Ritchie Engineering Co. Inc., Yellow Jacket Products Division ( spotlighted its Model 60991 mini-split tool kit, which addresses many of the special requirements found in mini-split installation manuals. The kit includes a heat-pump manifold; 60-inch PLUS II hoses (RYB), ¼-inch with ¼-inch flare fittings; 60-inch PLUS II hose (blue), ¼-inch female flare on manifold connection and 5/16-inch female flare angled on service end; eccentric-cone flare tool; hex key set; 45-degree R-410A coupler, 5/16-inch female quick coupler by ¼-inch male flare; 5/16-inch vacuum/charge valve with side port; adjustable metric torque wrench; tube cutter and deburring tool; and 16-inch tool bag.

Shurtape Technologies LLC ( highlighted a solvent-free house-wrap tape option to prevent air and moisture infiltration. HW300 features a water-based (emulsion) acrylic, cold-temperature adhesive to provide a permanent hold. In addition to being utilized with all types of house wrap/sheathing insulation or vapor barrier materials it can be used in HVAC applications in tight spaces such as crawl spaces. HV300 is UV-resistant and can be applied in temperature ranges from 14˚ to 176˚F, as well as in humid conditions.

Spectronics Corp. ( introduced two LED leak-detection flashlights. The Optimax 400 features power comparable to high-intensity, 150-W lamps and an inspection range of up to 25 feet. In addition, the Opti-Lux 400 is a rechargeable flashlight with the same features as the Optimax. The rechargeable battery provides four hours of continuous use between charges. The LED bulb on both lights is good for 100,000 hours.

SpeedClean ( showcased the FlowJet™. With chemical injection, the unit makes quick work of cleaning debris and grime from micro-channel, thick-condenser, and evaporator coils. It connects to a water source to deliver a continuous spray of water and cleaning chemical to wash dirty coils without damaging sensitive fins. The optional Wonder Wand lets the user clean coils from the inside out. The redesigned Model CJ-125 CoilJet® has a powerful 125-psi spray which cleans debris and grime without hurting the condenser or evaporator coils. The rechargeable battery-powered unit does not require garden hoses or pump sprays. The CoilJet delivers a powerful spray of water and cleaning chemical from the included tanks to wash the coils without damaging the sensitive fins. The portable size lets the user clean coils from the front or back.

Sumner Mfg. Co. Inc. ( introduced its lightweight, portable, and easily assembled all-aluminum GH2T Gantry Lift, which has a lift capacity of up to 2 metric tons (4,400 pounds). It is available in four Imperial sizes (8, 10, 12, and 15 foot) and three metric sizes (3, 4, and 5 meters). The GH2T features A-frame legs that lock in open or closed position utilizing a push-button release and casters with foot brake that lock at 90 degree angles. The new design of the A-frame assembly eliminates the need for a locking crossbar to hold legs in the open position. The GH2T lift consists of two A-frames, a crossbeam, and attaching hardware.

Uniweld Products Inc. ( introduced its line of premium tubing cutters, a series of five cutters that can all handle copper, brass, and aluminum tubing in sizes for 1/8 inch (UTC701) to 2 3/4 inches (UTC705). Uniweld also unveiled the Spirit manifold, which has a lightweight, extruded, aluminum body and easy-grip handles. It also has a double O-ring piston valve, easy-access front-hose holders, and large 3 1/8-inch steel case gauges with color-coded protective boots.

Venture Tape GTA-NHT Inc. ( featured its white line-set tape, which is UV resistant, mold resistant, weatherproof, and designed for foam-pipe insulation. The company also highlighted VentureGrip spray adhesives, which include general-purpose adhesive, low volatile organic compound (VOC) adhesive, water-based contact adhesive, and non-flammable contact adhesive. These industrial-strength adhesives contain no ozone-depleting substances and are designed for either temporary or permanent bonding applications.

Veto Pro Pac LLC (, introduced their first backpack tool bag to help HVAC technicians carry hand tools, meters, gauges, and other technological devices safely up ladders and across long distances. The TECH PAC-1 features 47 vertically tiered pockets inside and out, and a patented center panel design with ample room for hand tools, meters, parts boxes, cordless drills and impact drivers, and other bulkier items such as manifold gauges and hoses. The new tool bag is designed to maintain a safe work environment while servicing equipment that is either located on rooftops or in industrial buildings where walking long distances is required.

Victor Technologies Intl. Inc. ( welcomed its Turbo Torch® deluxe portable torch kit, which includes a tool bag, self-lighting PL-3T tip, ergonomic torch handler, STK-R regulator, a 12-foot hose, hose clamp, PL-4T tip, PL-812 heat shield, and Viper SX solder.

Watts Water Technologies ( unveiled the Triton™ plastic-pipe joining system. It uses radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic technology to dramatically improve pipe joining and testing times, in turn increasing job site productivity. Using TRITON, ¾-inch plastic pipe can be fused in approximately 40 seconds, and welds are ready for pressure testing immediately. The pipe joining system includes three components — a control unit, fusers, and fittings — which operate together to create durable outside diameter welds offering unobstructed flow and decreased pressure drop. The control unit creates a high-frequency radio signal that is delivered to the handheld fuser. The fuser produces an electromagnetic field. When the fuser is placed around the Triton fitting, the electromagnetic field causes a reaction that fuses the plastic into a durable, hermetic weld. The manufacturer also showed the PolyStar™ advanced polypylene piping system. Polystar piping and fittings are made using a type of random copolymer polypylene (PPR) material (PP-RCT), a high-crystallinity resin. An added layer of fiberglass provides additional strength and insulation. Multiple welding options can be used including electrofusion, socket welding, and butt welding. Three classes of pipe are available for varying applications and requirements.

WD-40 Co. ( showcased its new Specialist line designed specifically for the industry. The line includes a rust-release penetrant spray, protective white-lithium grease, long-term corrosion inhibitor, rust-remover soak, and water-resistant silicone lubricant.

WiringPro ( introduced its MT-70 Micro-Torch, GT-70 Industrial Torch, and 25-000 Ratchet Action Crimp Tool Kit. The MT-70 is a self-igniting, butane-powered heat tool. It is designed for soldering and heat-shrink applications, operates at 1,300˚C, and can operate for 60 minutes with a full charge. The GT-70 is a self-contained, butane-powered, heavy-duty, general, industrial torch. The tool is used to braze with special alloy-welding rods; heat and bend thin metals; loosen rusted bolts; pop dents out of metal; shrink and terminate heavy-wall, adhesive-lined tubing, solder, and desolder; and more. It features a self-igniting piezo electric ignition and operates at 1,300˚.

Publication date: 2/18/2013