Aerco Intl. Inc. ( demonstrated its OnAER Remote Monitoring Service. OnAER continuously monitors systems and alerts customers and reps via email to a fault occurrence or decline in equipment performance.

Aerionics Inc. ( highlighted its 6-Series of detectors and controllers. The series includes the CM-6 for carbon monoxide, the GD-6 for combustible gas and hydrogen, and the TX-6 for toxic gases. All units have adjustable dual-output relays and 4-20 mA analog output. The alarm levels for each unit meets and exceeds limits for both short- and long-term exposure set by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). All units can be stand-alone, with the Macurco DVP-120 Panel or with a BAS.

Bacharach Inc. ( introduced the Fyrite residential combustion analyzers. The InTech model is a residential combustion analyzer that delivers quick, accurate measurement of oxygen, carbon monoxide (CO), stack temperature, and ambient temperature. A high-contrast LCD graphic display makes results easy to see in any environment. The Insight Plus model is a five-in-one steady-state combustion analyzer that includes a room air, CO test instrument, a flue-gas CO tester, dual-channel digital thermometer, and a digital manometer. Designed for residential and commercial use, the Insight Plus can display measurement results for up to 10 different fuels.

Building Automation Products Inc. ( featured its Wireless Asset Monitoring (WAM) service, which allows users to monitor wireless sensors/transmitters from any of the popular Web browsers. The WAM website is password protected, provides full administrative control, and works with any BAPI wireless sensor/transmitter to monitor parameters including temperature, humidity, doors, and motion. Alert parameters such as high and low temperature or humidity limits can be added to each sensor through the website with alert notifications sent out to selectable recipients via email, text, phone call, or voice mail.

CleanAlert ( launched the FILTERSCAN® air filter clog detector, which determines when the air filter should be changed or serviced by continuously monitoring the differential pressure in the HVAC system. It issues an alert when the air pressure in the system changes by a predetermined amount and works with all single-speed, multispeed, and most variable air volume (VAV) HVAC systems. The FILTERSCAN can be powered by 24-V conduit, AA batteries, or an ac adaptor. An optional wireless remote receiver is available for those situations when the monitor is not easily accessible. It can be mounted upstream, downstream, or differentially across the filter.

CopperWatcher ( highlighted its CopperWatcher Model CW-3, a device to link any air conditioning system to a building’s existing burglar-alarm system. The CopperWatcher model CW-3 copper-theft deterrent monitors all systems from 230-480 V, single or three phase. The product monitors refrigerant pressure and voltage in two separate locations. It will not trigger a false alarm, cannot be bypassed, and provides continuous protection, even during a power failure.

Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. ( introduced its LPT Series of transmitters that come standard with a water/dust-tight, corrosion-resistant enclosure with a hinged secured door. The LPT is an economical, single-sensor, analog transmitter available with either a CO or nitrogen dioxide (NO2) sensor, which is ideal for vehicle-exhaust applications. Also highlighted were the CXT explosion-proof standalone transmitters, which are designed to operate in extreme temperature conditions found in blast chillers and deep freezers.

CTS Cincinnati Test Systems ( shared its TracerMate CS Charging System, a precision bench-top or wall-mount charge instrument designed for maximum-performance and minimal-space requirements. It utilizes advanced algorithms to produce fast and accurate results. The device includes single, dual, and triple test ports and stores results from the last 5,000 tests using on-board memory. The system is pre-programmed to interface with most gas-detection devices and instruments.

Dent Instruments ( displayed its PowerScout 3 Plus Ethernet power meter, which uses Modbus TCP and BACnet IP over the Ethernet rather than an RS-485 connection. The power meter can be switched between Modbus and BACnet, allowing the existing Ethernet network to communicate faster than before. Remote communications using port forwarding mean that a single RTU can use the Internet to extend its reach to PowerScout meters at remote sites. Designed for new construction or building recommissioning, PowerScout meters require no external power and can work on voltage services ranging from 80-600 V.

Distech Controls Inc. ( debuted six new models of its Allure EC-Smart-Vue Series communicating room sensor, now with integrated CO₂ and motion sensors. The sensor is designed to interface with Distech Controls’ BACnet® ECB Series and Lonworks® ECL Series controllers. It includes a backlit display and icon-driven menu. The EC-Smart-Vue is suitable for VAV, fan coil, rooftop, heat pump, and unit vent-room control applications.

E+E Elektronik Corp. ( highlighted its new EE160 humidity/temperature transmitter, which is suitable for all types of installations, said the company. It can be mounted without opening the lid, and its underfiller provides protection of solder contacts. Its electronics are stable at high humidity and are protected from construction site contamination. Its probe electronics are fully encapsulated for component protection.

Echo Process Instrumentation Inc. ( exhibited the Arrow Hunter PLUS hand-held, clamp-on, portable transit-time flow meter. Able to measure clean- or dirty-liquid flow in metal or plastic pipes with any liners from 3/8- to 118-inch diameters, it uses Dual DSP technology and can measure a wide velocity range. With Arrow Hunter Plus, it is possible to measure any flow application, from low-flow chemical feeds to large concrete-lined, raw-sewage pipes. Easy to install and calibrate, it has an intuitive, quick-start programming menu that asks a few questions and then calibrates the meter. Designed for commercial and industrial applications, it uses only two transducers to measure flow.

Ecom America Ltd. ( welcomed the EN2-F, a compact portable emission analyzer with remote that is housed in a carry-on sized case. It hosts up to four electrochemical sensors (O2, CO, NO, and NO2), data logging with memory card, averaging tests, USB interface, on-board printer, 15-foot standard sample line, and a CO purge pump. It also features a wireless remote.

Emerson Climate Technologies ( highlighted the Therm-O-Disc Inc. water flow sensor, model 80FS, and relative humidity sensor, model 21RHS. Model 80FS allows cooling units to measure and communicate system capacity by continually monitoring both temperature and flow velocity of water. The Water Flow Sensor utilizes technology that enables consistent measurement close to elbows, as near as three-pipe diameters. This allows compact system design and provides high confidence with in-flow disturbances. The electronic design offers ModBus communication to control set points and enhance diagnostics capabilities. Model 21RHS allows rooftop units to reduce the amount of on-time energy usage by monitoring both temperature and humidity in the airflow. The flat-faced sensor ensures a well-distributed and thorough sampling of the air’s condition. The humidity sensor is designed to be compatible with many different systems. Product options include analog or digital outputs, various supply-voltage ranges up to 36 vdc, and output signal choices of both voltage and current.

Extech Instruments Corp. ( introduced the AN300 Series and the AN500. The AN300 Series is a large vane CFM/CMM thermo-anemometer that measures air velocity and flow, and has a built-in thermistor for air temperature. It features an optional air-flow cone kit. The series also offers two other models — AN310 and AN320. Both have the added features of measuring rh, wet bulb, and dew point. The AN320 will also measure CO₂. The AN500 is a hot wire CFM/CMM thermo-anemometer. It features a telescoping probe with automatic temperature compensation. The probe extends up to 7 feet with a cable.

Flir Systems Inc. ( showed the i-Series, which contains three different cameras and is the latest in the company’s line of thermal imaging tools. The i3 series is what the company considers a full thermal camera for the entry-level toolbox. It is available in 3,600 pixels. The i5 and i7 models are available in 10,000 and 19,600 pixels respectively. The i-Series features a focus-free lens for one-handed operation. Its design allows for toolbox storage as well as a 2-meter drop. The cameras can also store up to 5,000 JPEG image files, and all of the temperature measurements gathered directly onto the camera’s SD card are available for future analysis, downloads, and reports.

Fluke Corp. ( introduced the CNX Wireless System, a set of test tools that wirelessly connects multiple measurement modules and sends simultaneous readings to a master device up to 20 meters away. The rugged, customizable tool set allows users to choose various measurement modules based on their specific troubleshooting scenario. Also introduced was the 805 Vibration Meter, a portable multifunction vibration screening tool that provides quantifiable information on the bearing, and overall health of motors and other rotating equipment.

General Tools & Instruments ( highlighted its digital refrigerant leak detector (RLD400), which features a semiconductor sensor lifespan of more than 300 hours of operation or 10 years normal use. Three sensitivity levels let users choose the right level for specific environments. The company also introduced the Predator Series of thermal imaging cameras (GTi10/20/30/50), which can detect very small temperature differences from a distance by converting an object’s invisible infrared radiation to a visible color image. The new iBorescope (DCiS1) video inspection system was also on display, which allows contractors and technicians to wirelessly view, capture, and save high-definition inspection images and video on any iPad or iPhone.

GrayWolf Sensing Solutions LLC ( exhibited a probe for GrayWolf’s hand-held AdvancedSense HVAC/OH/FM/IAQ meters. The RH-AS2 probe is capable of measuring rh, dew point, absolute humidity, specific humidity, wet bulb temperature, and dry bulb temperature.

Greystone Energy Systems Inc. ( displayed its CMD Series of CO monitors, which are designed for use in environmental monitoring and control systems where high performance and stability are demanded. It combines digital linearization with an electrochemical sensor for reliability and accuracy in even the most critical applications. Various models cover many aspects of CO measurement and several optional features are available to meet virtually all HVAC applications.

Harris Products Group ( showed its Model 25GX regulator. It has a medium/heavy-duty capacity, and delivery pressures of 0-15, 0-50, 0-145, 0-200, 0-250, and 0-500 psig. The design allows for precise pressure adjustments. The knob offers additional protection by shrouding the bonnet housing. Outlet angle improved for LP cylinder clearance.

Harwil ( showcased the Model Q-16, the newest addition to the company’s line of heavy-duty flow switches. The switch is used to signal, start, or stop electronically operated equipment when flow or no-flow conditions occur. Features include patented ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) seal, field-adjustable set points, and field-adjustable paddles. The Q-16 can be used in pipes 1 inch and larger, with set points as low as 4 gpm (15 lpm) to over 500 gpm (1,893 lpm) in larger pipe sizes. The Q-16 uses a 15 amp single pole double throw (SPDT) micro switch that can control a ½-hp motor. Typical applications include boiler, chiller, and cooling-tower systems.

Honeywell Analytics ( featured its new IAQPoint2™ touchscreen IAQ monitor, which detects CO₂ or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), temperature, and humidity. Whether choosing CO₂ or VOC sensing technology, the unit can monitor gas-concentration readings to drive demand-controlled ventilation and achieve savings and comfort by avoiding over- or under-ventilation. The user-friendly touchscreen allows users to set password levels, configure fan activation set points, and select screen content.

Innovative Solutions Inc. ( exhibited the CSO2 RF capacitance transmitter designed for level-sensing applications. The unit has enhanced linearity and resolution tuning, said the manufacturer.

Kahn Instruments Inc. ( introduced its chilled mirror optical hygrometers, which use an accurate, reliable, and drift-free method of continuously measuring the dew point of a gas sample, the company said. The Optidew and Optisure Series 4000 hygrometers meet the requirements of a broad range of dew point measurement applications and offer measurement traceability to national and international standards. The Optidew hygrometer is a compact, sturdy, and economical instrument that provides continuous dew point measurement, display, and output. The Optisure Series 4000 measures dew points from -100˚ to 90˚C and features automatic contamination compensation.

Klein Tools Inc. ( featured the ET500 and ET510 boroscopes. The ET500 features video, audio, and photo recording, a bright LED work light, an IP67 gooseneck camera, screen rotation, a TV output, an SD card slot, and file playback. The ET510 includes a waterproof and dustproof camera, a high-resolution camera, mirror image, and a rechargeable battery.

Kriwan ( showed its diagnosis system for reciprocating, screw, and scroll compressors. The INT69® Diagnose Series of compressor-protection modules delivers relevant information on any compressor. Parameters, such as motor temperature, phase sequence, phase loss as well as oil pressure, level, or temperature and discharge temperature are monitored continuously. Possible shorts and discontinuities are detected and saved to memory for later evaluation. Separate inputs allow for selective detection, evaluation, and decision-making. The diagnosis system’s communication interfaces turn the system into a comprehensive source of data about a refrigeration system, said the manufacturer. The use of standardized interfaces enables easy process integration. If required, data can be retrieved directly at each compressor via USB port. A Modbus interface is available for integration in a network.

Ludeca Inc. ( launched its VIBCONNECT® RF, a wireless condition-monitoring system that monitors vibration, bearing condition, and temperature on motors, pumps, blowers, chillers, and more. The sensor unit communicates wirelessly to the company network or control room and is able to collect vibration, spectra, and waveform data. The system is easy to install, providing true monitoring of assets over large areas without the need for installing costly cabling. VIBCONNECT RF wireless online system offers the ability to improve equipment reliability and reduce unwanted maintenance costs. It is upgradable with additional sensors at any time.

Mastercool Inc. ( highlighted its new a/c system analyzer (Model No. 52251 and 52270), which provides all the features of an anemometer, psychrometer, and superheat/subcool calculator in one tool. The analyzer can perform all test and measurements utilizing three components in the kit (round vane, clamp-on thermocoupler, and pressure transducer). The analyzer is able to calculate critical information for the a/c system, as well as diagnose basic system problems. The company also highlighted its compact subcool/superheat calculator (Model No. 52246), which is preprogrammed with 24 refrigerants and can easily calculate the critical information utilizing any gauge set.

Melink Corp. ( featured the third-generation Intelli-Hood® demand ventilation control (DVC) system, which uses both temperature and optic sensors to quickly detect the cooking load under a kitchen hood, thus permitting minimum fan speeds as low as 30 percent for optimum energy savings. Intelli-Hood controls the speed of the exhaust and supply fans to save money by reducing energy required for fan operation and by limiting the amount of conditioned air that is pulled out of the space and thrown away through the kitchen exhaust. Easy to install in new or retrofit applications, Intelli-Hood features Ethernet connectivity, BACnet connectivity, and a new graphical user interface to provide easy-to-read system status.

MRU Instruments Inc. ( exhibited its NOVAplus portable emission analyzer that can accommodate up to nine gas components. The NOVAplus is designed for emission monitoring of combustion and industrial processes and can be equipped with up to six electrochemical sensors and a CO2/CH4/CO IR-bench sensor for simultaneous measurement. Selected cells can be installed for low CO and low NO with resolution down to only 0.1 ppm.

MSA ( introduced the ZGard S Sensor, which is designed to detect the presence of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and combustible gases in air. These sensors employ solid-state, electrochemical, or catalytic sensors, which generate a representative output signal proportional to the calibrated operating range. All Z Gard S Sensors are available with two output versions, a 4-20 mA analog output, or an addressable RS-485 digital signal. Z-Gard Sensors with 4-20 mA can be installed as stand-alone sensors or common commercial equipment, including PLC, DCS, or building automation systems.

Nova Plumbing Technologies ( highlighted its pre-assembled, 1-inch, stainless steel manifolds and 1-inch, modular, polymer manifolds for use in radiant and hydronic applications. Each manifold system has a variety of adapters, end caps, flow meters, valves, and fitting assemblies. It comes fully assembled and ready for installation. Manifolds are available in two- through 12-loop configurations and are stocked in the company’s Minnesota warehouse.

Onset Computer Corp. ( announced the HOBO UX100 Series next-generation family of data loggers for tracking temperature and relative humidity in indoor environments. These data loggers deliver higher accuracy, larger measurement capacity, and more LCD display features to make environmental data collection faster and easier than ever, said the company. The loggers feature an easy-to-view LCD display that visually confirms logger operation and battery status, eliminating the need to connect the logger to a PC to see the information. A large-memory capacity enables users to deploy the loggers for longer periods with fewer site visits.

Refco Mfg. Ltd. ( introduced its Digimon-SE and Digimon-4 digital manifolds. The SE is a two- and four-way manifold with analog and digital display with a pressure gauge from 14-870 psi, and two precise K-Type temperature sensors. The Digimon-4 model features four outputs.

Rotronic Instrument Corp. ( debuted the CP11 handheld multimeter that simultaneously measures and records CO₂, humidity, and temperature. Equipped with the hygrometer-in-1® humidity sensor, it also calculates the dew point and wet bulb temperature. Using the HW4-Light software that comes with the device, it can be set as required, and data can be downloaded, saved, and analyzed. The CP11 features an 18,000 data-point memory for CO₂, humidity, and temperature values; maximum, minimum, and average-value display; adjustable audible CO₂ alarm; and mini-USB interface.

Scaleblaster Inc. ( welcomed a residential water conditioner to solve hard-water problems. The Model SB-75 computerized control and signal cable utilizes an induction coil wrapped externally around the pipe on the incoming water supply line to produce a wave current and an inaudible signal that causes turbulence in water molecules. The product removes lime-scale deposits without requiring salt, chemicals, or maintenance. It also helps extend the life of water heaters and heating elements.

Sensirion Inc. ( recently added new differential pressure sensors to its SDP600 series. The SDP601 and SDP611 sensors are differential pressure sensors specifically calibrated for measuring mass flow in a bypass configuration. A bypass configuration is highly suitable for applications where individually adapted flow channels are necessary or where small differential pressures must be measured with very high precision. It is an ideal solution for HVAC applications, which often involve measuring large flow volumes.

SensoScientific ( showcased a new Wi-Fi product line. The line not only includes a Web-embedded Wi-Fi platform that provides for precise measurement and data logging of temperature and humidity, but also allows customers to measure any process or condition with an accurate Wi-Fi transmitter. The company developed an integrated, universal transmitter that is capable of reading psi, gpm, pH, flow rate, rpm, voltage, amperage, current, and more. The Wi-Fi transmitters’ firmware works with different wireless communication systems. The system is built to mix and match both 900 MHz and Wi-Fi 802.11 g/b, battery-operated sensors. In locations without wireless infrastructure, the firmware can provide an integrated solution or a stand-alone system.

Summit Technology Inc. ( featured its new PowerSight meters. The PS2500 power logger features four current and three voltage channels, while the PS3500 power analyzer is designed for handheld studies and long-term data logging. Both provide a solution for the process of performing power studies, from setup to data gathering, to issuing a comprehensive final report. Each unit communicates wirelessly to a PC via Bluetooth, and real-time waveforms, phases, and harmonic spectra can be displayed on a nearby PC.

SuperCool ( exhibited its SuperCool™ Slide Rule, a R-22 and R-410A charging and duct calculator that performs superheat, subcooling, and duct calculations all on one tool. The slide rule also calculates proper airflow through both heating and air conditioning units. Fixed meter-device charging is provided for R-22 and R-410A. TXV charging is also provided for R-22 and R-410A. The slide rule also includes an insulated metal duct/ductboard conversion chart, round and rectangular duct-sizing guidelines, system airflow diagnostics, pressure corrections, wet bulb conversion chart, and more.

Superior Signal Co. LLC ( displayed the AccuTrak® VPE-GN ultrasonic leak detector with a 9 ½-inch gooseneck. The unit is sensitive to the ultrasonic sound of a turbulent gas leak. Using a technology called heterodyning, it translates the sound to a lower frequency which human ears can interpret, said the manufacturer. The device maintains the original sound characteristics, making it possible to distinguish leaks from other background sounds. The leak detector is designed to pinpoint leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration systems, acknowledging present air, vacuum, refrigerant, or gas leaks.

Taco Inc. ( exhibited the SmartPlus hot-water circulator. When set to smart mode, the SmartPlus circulator records each time hot water is called for during a seven-day period and then duplicates the pattern the following week. The SmartPlus can also be set to pulse mode, operating for 150 seconds every 10 minutes, maintaining hot water for all fixtures, and also shifts to vacation mode if hot water isn’t used for 36 hours.

Test Products Intl. ( showed its TPI 9070. This smart-vibration meter allows for condition-based monitoring. Vibration values are displayed with color-coded alarm levels for ISO values and bearing damage. It comes in a waterproof case and averages 1,500 measurements or 50 hours of normal-usage battery life. The built-in accelerometer comes with stinger. An optional long stinger and magnetic mount is available.

Testo AG ( showcased the testo 316-3, a refrigerant-leak detector that includes a sensor head, transport case, calibration certificate, batteries, and a filter. It has one-button operation and the high/low sensitivity adjustment allows users to pinpoint the leak source. The company also showcased the testo 310 and testo 320. The 310 is a residential combustion analyzer with a built-in condensate trap. The 320 is a high-definition combustion analyzer for both residential and commercial applications. There are many features with the 320, but one of its main differentiators is its full-color, high-definition screen.

TIF (, a brand of SPX Service Solutions, flaunted the TIF3880X inspection camera. It has a 5.5-mm camera diameter, helping technicians inspect small, hard-to-reach areas normally not accessible when using a large entry-point camera. The micro camera transmits images and videos to the removable wireless camera. Images and video are recorded on the included SD card and can be viewed on the camera display or transferred to a computer. The magnetic display mount allows for hands-free viewing.

Universal Enterprises Inc. ( introduced the DMG100 and DMG200 vacuum gauges which offer in-field calibration, and oil-contamination sensors. Also introduced were the DT221 (a digital temperature tester), the DT222 (a dual-input temperature tester), and the INF165 and INF195 infrared thermometers.

Vaisala Inc. ( featured INTERCAP® HMDW80 Series humidity and temperature transmitters, which collect basic humidity and temperature information needed for a variety of HVAC applications. The HMDW80 Series includes basic transmitters for walls and ventilation ducts as well as IP65-classified transmitters for wash-down areas and other humid spaces. The series also contains transmitters that measure temperature only, as well as transmitters with an optional display. The transmitters also provide calculated humidity parameters of dew point, wet bulb, and enthalpy, in addition to the direct-output parameters.

Veris Industries ( introduced the H11D self-learning, self-calibrating current switch with LCD display, simplified installation, and trouble-free reading of present current and trip points. The H11D provides calibration-free status for both under and overcurrent. The company also featured its Aerospond™ wireless sensors. The HWX and TWX for individual or combination wireless humidity and temperature sensors utilize a building’s existing wireless network, along with a wireless gateway or JACE controller to transmit monitored humidity and temperature condition data into the facility’s building control system, greatly reducing installation labor costs, said the company.

Webster Engineering & Mfg. Co. LLC ( showcased TempATrim, which precisely monitors and manages the fuel/air ratio in a burner. It reduces the need for seasonal tuning of burners, and has feed-forward control for smooth, accurate operation.

Wessels Tank Co. ( highlighted the WessView, a diaphragm integrity monitor, which allows for maintenance troubleshooting of any diaphragm tank. The device allows for fast, accurate assessment of the expansion tank’s integrity by changing color from white to red if the diaphragm is compromised.

Winters Instruments ( debuted the PFE sprinkler gauge, which is specifically designed for fire-sprinkler systems. It is suitable for air and water media and is in a corrosion-resistant case. It offers a dual-scale (psi/kpa) and single-scale (psi) pressure readings.

Publication date: 2/18/2013