CHICAGO — Fieldpiece Instruments brought a healthy mix of the past, present, and future to its booth at this year’s AHR Expo in Chicago. The company’s efforts focused on showcasing its MR45 Recovery Machine, BG44 Service Tool Bag, and Job Link® System Probes, along with the yet-to-be-released BG36 Inspection Tool Bag and VP55 and VP85 Vacuum Pumps.


“The MR45 Recovery Machine hit the market about a year ago, and HVACR professionals tell us it is the fastest recovery machine on the market,” said Tina French, international marketing manager, Fieldpiece Instruments. “What makes it fast is the smart, variable-speed one-horsepower DC motor, which ramps up to 3,300 revolutions per minute (rpm) when it senses vapor. MR45 protects from voltage drop and can run as low as 95 vac, and it’s also water resistant to withstand direct rain.”

French also highlighted how attendees at the show were able to catch a glimpse of the BG44 Service Tool Bag. The bag was designed specifically for HVACR professionals to have in hand, with everything they need on an initial service call.

“The bag is elevated for hand tools, so HVACR pros can easily see where everything is and conveniently grab what they need,” she said. “Plus, it’s easy to see if something is missing at the end of the job, so tools don’t get left behind. In addition, padded pockets protect the meters from the hand tools to keep them clean and easy to access.”

Fieldpiece’s Job Link System Probes entered the market in October 2017, so this was the first chance the company had to display them at the Expo. The probes are designed to provide accurate testing in real-world situations for HVACR professionals. Their compatibility with Job Link means the data can be displayed in a professional report to be emailed to the customer or home office. All measurements are sent up to 350 feet away with a signal powerful enough to transmit through walk-ins. The probes work with Job Link Free, or for more robust features, the Job Link Pro and Pro + Invoicing versions.


While much of Fieldpiece’s focus at the show was on what is currently available, the company did save some space to look toward the future. The yet-to-be-released VP55 and VP85 Vacuum Pumps were on display for attendees to have a preliminary look at, said French.

“The VP55 is a 5-cfm pump with an AC motor, and the VP85 is an 8-cfm pump with a DC motor,” she said. “Unique features of the vacuum pumps are the four in-line ports in three different sizes that allow for tidy hose routing and options, the extra-wide base to help prevent the pump from tipping and spilling oil, the RunQuick™ Oil Change System, and the low voltage protection on the DC motor option (VP85).”

French also noted attendees had favorable reactions to the vacuum pumps, both at the show and on the company’s Facebook page, where they were also highlighted.

In addition, the new BG36 Inspection Tool Bag, an easy-to-carry, over-the-shoulder bag with a quick-release pop top, was displayed.

“The pop top protects your tools from inclement weather and from spilling out if dropped or knocked over,” noted French. “Plus it provides extra space for small tools and drill bits, while the strong magnetic tray holds cabinet screws and washers, so they’re never lost.”

Sectioned interior pockets of the tool bag keep everything organized while a zippered side pocket and large interior adjustable section protect meters from hand tools. A large Velcro front pocket and open side pocket allow for additional storage, plus a sturdy weather-protected base keeps the bag standing upright.

Taking a big picture look at the future of Fieldpiece, both in 2018 and beyond, French said the company’s focus in on the HVACR professional.

“We get out in the field and talk to them — we listen, and we research new products and how we can help them do their job better and faster,” she said. “With that in mind, we will continue to develop products in the new categories we have introduced during the last year: vacuum, recovery, and tool bag markets. We are also expanding our global reach as we have opened a distribution, warranty, and sales department office in Europe.”  

Publication date: 2/26/2018