Bitzer U.S. Inc.: A/C and Heat Pump Scroll CompressorsFive models comprise the GSD 6 Scroll Compressor Series. Their capacities are in the 10- to 20-ton range. The compressors boast high isentropic efficiency levels over a wide range of applications and low noise levels, making them especially qualified for use in air conditioning systems and heat pumps, said the company. All compressors are designed for HVAC applications with condensing temperatures up to 154°F as well as for heat pump applications including extreme operating conditions of -4 to 122°. Consistently energy efficient, the compressors are designed for high energy efficiency full- and part-load conditions such as those resulting from the highly variable load and ambient conditions in climatic and heat pump applications. This results in a high energy efficiency ratio (EER), European seasonal energy efficiency ratio/integrated part load value (ESEER/IPLV), and seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) values, leading to especially low annual operating costs. According to the manufacturer, the compact construction of the series results from the special execution of the Oldham coupling. The compressors can also be mounted directly onto mounting rails in tandem and trio configurations. The company provides the appropriate mounting kits in the product range.

Bitzer U.S. Inc.

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