CHICAGO — The National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) recently released its Procedural Standards for Building Envelope Testing standards.

The release is NEBB’s newest discipline and addresses the ability to test and quantitatively report the performance of the airtightness of today’s building enclosures. Two procedures are provided for the practitioner to follow in testing the integrity of the enclosure, a blower-door test method and a building HVAC system test method.

The procedural standard defines the requirements for certification of the firm and for certification of the individual professional. Additionally, the publication identifies the required instrumentation and equipment to properly perform the associated tests and the accuracy, range, resolution, and calibration requirements of the instruments and equipment. Reporting requirements are also identified.

The procedural standard defines the required procedures for both test methods and the necessary statistical analysis to be performed on the test measurements. The publication also includes a suggested specification for use by the design professional, necessary reference, a referenced publications appendix, and an appendix which includes associated engineering tables, formulae, and working examples of the required statistical analysis for these test procedures.

NEBB establishes and maintains standards, procedures, and specifications for work in its various disciplines including testing-adjusting-balancing, sound and vibration measurement, cleanroom performance testing, retro-commissioning, and more. Each discipline is anchored by an NEBB Procedural Standards manual that provides guidelines for work to be performed. NEBB also has created technical manuals, training materials and programs, and seminars to enhance and support each discipline.

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Publication date: 2/13/2012