WINDSOR, Colo. – Ice Energy, a provider of smart grid-enabled, distributed energy storage solutions to the electric utility industry announced a strategic partnership with Carrier Corp. to develop and deliver an integrated hybrid cooling and energy storage solution for commercial customers. This hybrid cooling solution, which pairs Carrier commercial packaged HVAC systems with Ice Energy’s distributed thermal energy storage technology on small to mid-sized commercial buildings, enables a change in how and when energy is consumed for air conditioning, significantly reducing a building’s daytime energy demand.

Under terms of the agreement, select Carrier WeatherMaker® and WeatherMaster® rooftop models, ranging from 4-20 tons, will be shipped “Ice-Ready” from the Carrier factory for seamless integration and optimal performance with Ice Energy’s Ice Bear energy storage systems. In addition, Carrier Corp. will work as a preferred provider with Ice Energy to offer new, high-efficiency air conditioning units to Ice Energy customers seeking to replace or upgrade their existing systems in conjunction with an energy storage installation.

“By leveraging the benefits of more cost-effective nighttime power generation, storing energy directly at the point of consumption on individual buildings, and delivering it when it is needed most, this innovative hybrid solution from Ice Energy paired with Carrier rooftop units makes it possible to use off-peak power to meet daytime air conditioning demand. It’s a win from every perspective,” said Greg Alcorn, Carrier vice president of sales and marketing. “For businesses and building owners, this means reduced daytime energy consumption and lower energy costs without sacrificing consumer comfort.”

Publication date:02/07/2011