The DR9011 transmitter and DR9021 receiver can provide a point-to-point wireless data acquisition system with reliable performance up to 20 miles; the performance is based on line of sight conditions between the two antennas in the system. When greater range is needed or an obstruction blocks the signal path, the DR9011R repeater can be used to extend range and overcome obstacles. The DR9011 transmits a signal to the DR9011R, which retransmits on a different hop sequence for reception by the DR9021. With proper antenna and cable selection, a 900-MHz band version of the DR9011 can transmit up to 20 miles to a DR9011R. The repeater can transmit an additional 20 miles to the DR9021 receiver. Three radio modules are available for these units. Two 900-MHz band versions and a 2.4-GHz band version with seven hop sequences each are available. All use spread spectrum, frequency hopping technology. The 2.4-GHz band version has a limited range up to 10 miles from unit to unit.

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