SUNNYVALE, Calif. - Trimble has introduced the Trimble® CX™ 3D Scanner for building construction applications. According to the company, this advanced, high-accuracy sensor captures more than 50,000 position points per second - enough data to record the details of a target’s shape, size, and position with very high precision. It is said to be ideal for building construction applications requiring the accurate measurement of as-built structures, in particular, by mechanical, engineering, and plumbing contractors involved in HVAC and pipe installations.

When preparing to install a new HVAC or pipe system, contractors can use the CX 3D Scanner to accurately record existing systems and spaces to ensure the new installation will fit correctly, even before it is designed, says Trimble. This capability can prevent errors and rework, increase overall efficiency, and help provide contractors with a competitive edge.

Trimble’s proprietary WAVEPULSE™ technology in the CX 3D Scanner combines the high short-range accuracy of phase-shift technology with the low-noise sensitivity and high-distance characteristics of time-of-flight technology, says the company. This ensures high-precision measurements over the full operating range to provide clean 3D data. An integrated camera collects additional image information, which improves the visualization, post-processing, and communication of captured data. A rugged design with IP54 rating and protective housing for the rotating laser helps ensure the scanner delivers reliable results even in difficult environments.

With Trimble Access™ software running on a Trimble Tablet™ Rugged PC, the company says that capturing data with the CX 3D Scanner is fast and easy to learn. Data can then be transferred to Trimble RealWorks™ office software. Trimble RealWorks provides tools to identify features captured and simplify the interpretation of data.

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Publication date:02/15/2010