DALLAS - The first of five 24-foot trucks left Lennox headquarters to show construction professionals how to reduce operational costs and energy usage with the ultra-efficient Energence™ rooftop unit line. All five trucks will be on the road by the end of March, stopping at trade shows, retailers, contractors, engineers, school administration offices, and elsewhere in the United States and Canada.

“The Energence rooftop unit line has many new features that our customers have wanted in an HVAC unit with regard to comfort, verification, and efficiency, and we wanted to make it as accessible to everyone as possible, without asking them to come to a warehouse or factory to see it,” said Denise Ernst, Lennox’ director of commercial marketing. “With these five trucks serving as mobile training and sales centers, customers can see and touch the actual products.”

Each truck has room for up to 15 people inside, and includes a 5-ton Energence unit featuring almost all of the configurable options available, as well as a trainer that demonstrates how to use the intelligent Prodigy™ control system. The trainer simulates real-life conditions during unit installation, operation, verification, and troubleshooting.

The trucks will also demonstrate Lennox’ SmartWire™ system, a color-coded and keyed design that helps ensure accurate setup, can reduce service hours and simplifies field installation of sensors or thermostats.

Truck tours are scheduled across North America throughout 2010, and stops can be arranged by contacting the Lennox sales manager in each district.

For more information, visit www.lennoxcommercial.com.

Publication date:03/08/2010