MILWAUKEE - Johnson Controls Inc. announced that it has joined The Climate Group. The Climate Group is an international non-profit focused on finding smart policies and technologies that cut global emissions and advance progress towards a low-carbon economy.

“We’re proud to join The Climate Group and to work together with its members, who share our commitment to environmental sustainability,” said Steve Roell, chairman and CEO of Johnson Controls. “Together, we’ll work to encourage individuals, businesses, and governments to reduce our collective impact on the environment.”

The company has pledged to reduce its total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions per dollar of revenue by 30 percent between 2002 and 2012. Johnson Controls also participates in the Global Reporting Initiative and the Carbon Disclosure Project, making detailed information about its own emissions - and efforts to improve energy efficiency and sustainability in partnership with customers and suppliers - available to the public in a transparent and accessible way.

Johnson Controls’ businesses focus on energy-efficient solutions for buildings and vehicles. The company’s offerings include energy-efficient building retrofits, on-site renewable energy applications, and lithium-ion batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Johnson Controls said it will bring its experience and technical expertise to The Climate Group’s strategic partnerships on electric vehicles and IT-enabled smart buildings in China, India, Europe, and the United States. The focus of the partnership will be to identify and communicate financial and policy best practices in order to accelerate the deployment of these technologies globally.

“Johnson Controls is an outstanding role model for other businesses,” said Steve Howard, CEO of The Climate Group. “They’re leading the way in the development of hybrid/electric vehicle technology, and their innovative products and services are helping to improve energy efficiency in buildings around the world.”

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Publication date:01/11/2010