Green products can save energy, use renewable resources, and even cut down or eliminate the harmful chemicals that go into the product itself. In the HVACR industry, they can be installed in residential or commercial buildings and, among the wide variety of green products, there are ones for heating-cooling, dehumidifying, and monitoring and controlling a building’s HVACR system.

So very many products are on the market that can fit into this category in this industry, that there is no way they could all be listed here. Instead, the products below are only the tip of the iceberg of green products, listed to illustrate the diversity of green HVACR items available on the market.


The Envision Split by WaterFurnace International Inc. taps into free, renewable energy in the ground, thus it can achieve efficiency ratings of 4.4 COP and 26.2 SEER. Also, according to the company, this enables homeowners to save up to 70 percent of the cost to heat and cool their homes. The Envision Split uses a remote air handler that can be installed some distance away from the compressor section, which enables the system to work in conjunction with a fossil-fuel furnace for dual-fuel


The Goodman® GPG15 packaged gas/electric unit provides efficiencies of 15 SEER and obtains an 80 percent AFUE ratio. An electronically commutated blower motor and the use of the environmentally friendly refrigerant R-410A are key green features of the unit, said Goodman. The 2-ton packaged unit uses a high-efficiency compressor, while the 3-, 4-, and 5-ton models benefit from use of a two-stage compressor. The unit is Energy Star-rated and California Low-NOx


The Bry-Air EcoDry™ desiccant dehumidifier, with BrySmart control technology, can reduce energy usage up to 45 percent, according to the manufacturer. The BrySmart microprocessor-based system uses dynamic control of dehumidifier operating parameters to improve part-load energy efficiency. “Because the control system can be economically retrofitted to existing installations of most dry desiccant dehumidifiers, we can offer all the benefits of improved operation and lower energy costs to the installed base,” said Terry Lansing, vice president,


The WhisperGreen® Premium Ventilation Fans product line by Panasonic features the SmartAction® motion sensor, which activates when someone enters the room to provide maximum airflow when the bathroom is in use. When the occupant leaves the room, the fan automatically returns to the preset low speed. According to the manufacturer, the fans are up to 621 percent more energy efficient than minimum Energy Star® standards. They contain built-in variable-speed controls that range from 0-130 cfm. Low-speed controls on the 80-cfm models can be pre-set to 0, 30-70 cfm, and on the 130-cfm models 0, 50-110


The EcoView™ Commercial is a real-time energy and resource monitoring and control system by Advanced Telemetry. Designed for small commercial buildings, it monitors a location’s entire electrical load and extracts the majority of customer savings through the climate control system, the company said. It can also monitor and manage natural gas consumption. Local staff and remote Advanced Telemetry account specialists can view, control, and decrease a facility’s energy and resource usage in real time, which can reduce utility bills by as much as 25 percent, said the


The Fujitsu Halcyon 25 and 26 SEER ductless split systems are inverter wall-mount systems and are available as split system heat pumps. The 9,000-Btu model (9RLS) provides 26 SEER with an HSPF of 12. The 12,000-Btu system (12RLS) offers 25 SEER with 12 HSPF. The models help the indoor environment with the coil dry mode feature, which helps inhibit mold and bacteria growth by reversing the cycle of refrigerant to dry out condensation in the indoor coil without changing room


The Danfoss AK-CS controls and monitors all major energy-using systems, including HVACR and lighting for small food retail facilities. It monitors energy use with a kWh meter installed on the main power service. By using a central energy information system (EIS), a retailer can look at the energy usage across all store locations, and create energy baselines for each facility or system. The EIS creates an alarm when a store’s energy usage is above its baseline, allowing the facility operator to take corrective


The ToughGard™ R duct liner has been reformulated by adding 25 percent recycled content. Mike Lembo, senior product manager for CertainTeed’s Mechanical Insulation Business said, “By adding recycled content, we will use less energy during the manufacturing process and decrease the amount of waste materials sent to landfills.” According to the manufacturer, the duct liner received GreenGuard® IAQ certification in 2008, and helps building professionals earn points for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®)


The Ultra-Aire 65H is a compact, high-efficiency, whole-house ventilating dehumidifier designed to fit in tight, low-clearance applications. The unit removes up to 65 pints per day and is Energy Star-rated. The dehumidifier provides MERV 11 air filtration. It is designed to handle a 1,600-square-foot home and can be tied into the air conditioning system or run


The ECR International freewatt® micro-combined heat and power (micro-CHP) home heating system connects an Energy Star-rated, high-efficiency gas furnace or boiler to a Honda generator. According to the company, micro-CHP has been identified by the Environmental Protection Agency as a Climate Choice technology. Michael Paparone, president and CEO said “Using the Honda generator, freewatt generates 1.2 kW of electric power, and nearly all the heat created by the generator is then recycled to heat the home. This electricity can be used to power the home or can be sold back to the ‘grid.’”


The USE Manager™ 6.0 by U.S. Energy Group allows building owners and managers to know exactly what is happening in each building of a large portfolio and take immediate action remotely. It integrates information from the USE Controller™ Energy Management System (EMS) and the patented USE Verifier® digital fuel gauge. The system allows property managers to actually change heating system functions, such as desired indoor temperature (DIT), in response to alerts right from their Web

Publication date:10/12/2009