CHANTILLY, Va. - The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA) announced that, in light of shared technical interests, it has signed a memorandum of understanding with the International Code Council (ICC) agreeing to jointly advance and promote the mutual interests of the sheet metal and air conditioning construction industry. This includes marketing new products and services collaboratively, supporting cooperative standards and codes development, and sharing each other’s products and services with their members.

Objectives of the agreement include:

• Maintaining timely communication to optimize cooperative efforts that are mutually beneficial to each organization’s members.

• Identifying areas of mutual interest and working cooperatively to leverage impact, increase reach, and maximize the efficient use of each organization’s resources.

• Jointly assisting in legislative efforts to provide positive results for respective memberships.

• Supporting cooperative standards and codes development to benefit the HVAC industry, including heating and air conditioning, ventilation, or sheet metal.

• Sharing products prepared by both ICC and SMACNA with each organization’s members.

• Jointly promoting respective educational programs, conferences, publications, and standards and codes to members.

• Jointly identifying, creating, and marketing new products and services collaboratively.

• Cross-marketing each other’s products and services related to HVAC.

• Promoting the advancement of the science and technology of HVAC by supporting each organization’s respective research and technology programs.

• Supporting the participation of subject-matter experts on respective technical initiatives, including committees and councils.

• Sharing news regarding each organization’s ongoing activities and promoting that news to each organization’s members.

• Meeting once a year to monitor programs and activities and to discuss further cooperation between the two organizations.

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Publication date:06/29/2009