The Energy Saving Module (ESM™) reduces the electricity consumption and maximum demand of air conditioning and refrigeration compressors through enhanced system performance. It works with the existing controls to ensure that compressors work at maximum efficiency, while maintaining preset temperature levels and without causing over cycling. It is installed in the control circuitry between the existing controller and the compressors and/or compressor capacity controllers. Once in the circuit, the module monitors the rise and fall of the control medium (typically either pressure or temperature), the demand on the circuit (how many compressors or how much capacity is called for), and how much time this all takes. Based on this information, the algorithms within the ESM take over and make decisions about compressor or capacity controller run times. By removing compressors or capacity at certain times, the suction pressure or temperature is increased, which results in more effective cooling within the system and shorter run times. This is done with little or no effect on the controlled space temperature while maintaining all safety limits for compressor cycling.

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