Attendees of the grand opening at Grundfos’ Allentown, Pa., facility explored the equipment in the company’s new Mobile Education Center.

OLATHE, Kan. - Grundfos Pumps Corp. has a new rolling Mobile Education Center (MEC) display travelling the pump industry. MEC’s dedicated Peterbilt truck and trailer began its nationwide tour this fall and has already been the focus of many hands-on educational events typically hosted at wholesaler and manufacturer’s representative locations. The trade-show-on-wheels occupies an entire 18-wheel truck with bold graphics outside. On the inside there is a classroom for hands-on training and a complete theater room for 40 or more visitors.

“The wheels won’t stop spinning for several months, and even then only for a short while,” said Steve Goble, Grundfos marketing director. “The truck and trailer were built to be seen and experienced. The MEC is more than a mobile display; it’s a hands-on laboratory and demo tool like nothing else in the industry today.”

The MEC made a stop in Allentown, Pa., when Grundfos held a grand opening of its substantially enlarged training and fabrication facility there. During the day, manufacturer rep, OEM partner, commercial engineering, contractor, and wholesale distributor visitors toured through and experienced the new mobile product laboratory with a wide variety of working pump displays.

“I was very impressed with the display and had a chance to see several pumps perform in a way I’d never experienced before,” said Mark Odell, vice president of sales and marketing for Alternative Fuel Boilers in Dunkirk, N.Y. “It’s a fully-equipped test, performance, and educational facility all in one.”

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Publication date:12/22/2008