The new Alumicor® PEX-Al-PEX tubing offers all the benefits of cross-linked polyethylene tubing, as well as holding its shape when it is bent. Alumicor bends easily but then stays in place due to a layer of aluminum that is sandwiched between two layers of PEX. This layer gives PEX tubing an easy-to-handle, malleable characteristic. In addition, it improves heat transfer and acts as an oxygen barrier, which helps protect the boiler and all other nonferrous system components from corrosion. It has a high maximum pressure and temperature rating of 230°F at 150 psi. It can be used in demanding applications such as hot-water baseboard supply lines, near boiler piping, manifold supply lines, radiant slab applications, snow and ice melting, or hard-to-maneuver locations such as stairways. The tubing is manufactured to the ASTM-1281 Standard and is backed by a 25-year warranty.

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