The ProPEX® auto rotation adapter eliminates the need for installers to rotate the expander tool or the tubing itself by hand when making ProPEX connections on Wirsbo AquaPEX® tubing and Wirsbo hePEX™ plus tubing. The adapter automatically turns the expander head on each expansion of the tubing. The adapter is especially effective in tight spaces where manually turning the tubing or the tool is difficult, the manufacturer states. ProPEX connections are made by expanding the tubing and a ProPEX Ring with an expander tool before inserting a fitting. As the tubing and ring shrink back to their original shapes, they form a permanent seal with the ProPEX fitting. By automatically rotating the expander head on the tool, the 10-ounce adapter simplifies the installation process, leading to more consistent PEX connections and avoiding a slower-than-normal seal, especially in cooler temperatures. The adapter is compatible with all standard expander heads except H-heads.

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