NORWALK, Conn. - EMCOR Group Inc., a mechanical and electrical construction, energy infrastructure, and facilities services provider for a diverse range of businesses globally, has announced the launch of EMCOR360 Energy Solutions, which will allow facility owners and operators to better manage their energy budgets by analyzing usage data and implementing solutions to enhance overall systems performance.

According to the contractor, “the EMCOR360 system collects data from a variety of points between a facility’s components and system controls.” It is described as “a product-neutral process that can accommodate any equipment brand or model.”

Data are transmitted to an EMCOR team that identifies less-than-optimum system operations, as well as areas with high cost-savings potential. Based on this information, the company’s Certified Energy Managers apply their critical knowledge to create solutions for facility owners and operators.

The Web-based, real-time process of collecting and analyzing data repeats itself continually, “offering the opportunity for continuous improvement in energy savings,” the company said.

“By targeting areas with the greatest potential for improvement, EMCOR360 typically allows customers to realize energy savings of between 5 and 15 percent by reducing energy consumption, improving operating efficiencies, and enhancing building performance,” said Frank T. MacInnis, chairman and CEO of EMCOR Group. “We get to the root cause of problems and allow facility owners to see significant payback within a one- to two-year period.”


The reporting process is flexible and can be customized to the specific needs of a range of recipients, from chief financial officers to facility managers and equipment operators. The program can be applied toward a range of goals, the company said, including optimal comfort and convenience, LEED accreditation, or reduced energy costs. The collected data runs the process.

“Although we use advanced technology to extract energy-use data from system components, EMCOR360 is more than just a software solution,” said MacInnis. “Data means little without context, and that’s where we make the difference. Our experts are able to apply a broad range of knowledge in order to recommend the best solutions.”

EMCOR360 is powered by Utilivisor, software licensed from Utility Program and Metering Company.

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Publication date:02/04/2008