The WDR-3 Web data logger is a network-compatible data logger that records output voltage and on-off (point of contact) signals from various types of sensors and measuring devices. Compatible with both analog and digital signal inputs, the data logger, with its network connection, allows the user to download measurements and data. It has a built-in network connection function that allows the user to connect to any type of network, including the Internet, for monitoring of real-time measurements. According to the manufacturer, the data logger is ideal for instrumentation such as flow meters, wattmeters, or analyzers and the collecting of recorded data for environmental and weather data such as acid rain, pH, rainfall, snow accumulation, solar radiation, wind speed/direction, etc. The WDR-3 allows data to be viewed, configured, and downloaded from a standard browser with access by LAN or Internet. An optional 802.11b adapter card is also available to allow wireless access. In addition, overlimit warnings can be obtained by e-mail or cell phone.

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