WASHINGTON - A new 422-page report from the National Petroleum Council (NPC) warns of "accumulating risks to the supply of reliable, affordable energy" and calls for an integrated national strategy that includes energy efficiency and the exploitation of diverse energy sources. The report concludes that the United States should incorporate energy policy into most of its foreign policy decisions and should create long-term opportunities for research and development in all phases of the energy supply and demand system.

"The study demonstrates that energy efficiency is a very near-term energy resource, and tapping it is essential to national energy strategy," said Daniel Yergin, vice chair of the study and chairman of Cambridge Energy Research Associates. "The challenge is that it involves thousands and thousands of decisions, not a few big decisions. But there is a focus on efficiency in the United States and around the world at a level never seen before. The study helps point the way."

The 18-month study examines global energy use and supply through 2030 and involved more than 350 experts from diverse backgrounds and organizations. It concludes that the world is not running out of energy, but the world should not continue to rely on expanding energy production from conventional sources of oil and natural gas. The report also concludes that achieving U.S. energy independence is not practical in the foreseeable future, but notes that several steps can be taken to enhance U.S. energy security.

An executive summary of the report is available at http://downloads.connectlive.com/events/npc071807/pdf-downloads/Facing_Hard_Truths-Executive_Summary.pdf.

Publication date:07/30/2007