The Aegis SGR™ Conductive Micro-Fiber™ shaft grounding ring now includes a mounting adaptor to facilitate installation of the device on AC motors with shaft shoulders, slingers, bearing caps, or end-bell protrusions. It prevents bearing damage by dissipating shaft currents to ground. Conductive microfibers inside the SGR provide the path of least resistance, allowing these shaft currents to discharge safely to the motor frame. Designed for use on any NEMA or IEC motor frame, the adaptor consists of a mounting plate to support the ring and standoffs to provide clearance for bearing housings or slingers. Secured with three mounting screws, the sturdy aluminum mounting adapter holds the ring in place beyond the protrusion. The entire assembly covers less than 1/2 inch of the motor shaft. Slots in the plate accommodate different motor designs and configurations, and the kit can be ordered with standoff posts of 0.125 to 1.5 inches in length. The new all-in-one package is ordered by motor frame size.   Electro Static Technology, 31 Winterbrook Rd., Mechanic Falls, ME 04256; 866-738-1857 or 207-998-5140; 207-998-5143 (fax);;