HARRISBURG, Pa. - Tyco Electronics Corp. recently completed a major overhaul of its Website (www.tycoelectronics.com). The new site boasts improved access to product information by reducing the number of clicks required for users to obtain the most desired information. In addition to simpler product searches for over 250,000 part numbers, the new site is also said to provide improved navigation and the consolidation of information from several sites into one location.

Visitors to the site are able to access documents, drawings, CAD models, and other product information. Product information can be obtained by product type, industry application, brand, or alphabetically. An enhanced site search engine allows for keyword, part number, or partial part number searches.

A "Quick Links" tab lists the most commonly used applications. Also, navigation menus remain the same on all pages, and "bread crumb" trails allow the user to backtrack to previous pages.

Publication date: 05/29/2006