Do you feel like you’re running a daycare more than a home service company at times? Well, before you start blaming your team for any headaches, it might be time to take a moment to evaluate the “why?” The answer may be staring you right in the face every morning.

A successful team must be driven by an effective leader. The leader is the beginning and the end of success or failure of your business. Your team will directly reflect the characteristics of its leadership — so if you’re the leader, you must always be the example of what you want to see from your team. Here are some important traits of a true leader:

Leaders are Loyal — Leaders must understand the importance of trust with fellow workers. They must strive diligently to maintain the bond of loyalty, and should things fall apart, leaders must take all necessary measures to fix the situation.

Leaders Take Charge — Leaders will be a part of the solution. If a leader can’t take care of the issue, they will find someone who can — they will always find a way. Taking charge and having the ability to know when something can or can’t be done is the ultimate trait of a successful leader.

Leaders Have Confidence — Leaders have belief in their ability to get things done. They will also inspire this confidence in their co-workers by offering constructive criticism, encouragement, and patience. There is power in the display of a leader’s confidence.

Leaders Are Calm — Leaders have the ability to take individuals from diverse backgrounds and have them work together in harmony instead of conflict. Calmness is a trait many leaders struggle to display, but it’s a trait everyone needs to exercise. Leaders have the ability to mediate conflict and create a calm environment.

Leaders Show Desire — A leader’s desire can never be satisfied. They must continually ask questions and seek new information. Their natural desire to learn and grow will be emulated by their coworkers, creating a great team with knowledge and direction.

Providing a positive environment for employees is critical to the success of a company. Providing effective leadership is crucial. Before you beat up your team, make sure you have taken the time to evaluate yourself. Change and acceptance starts with you, because we are what we allow. You are developing our industry’s future leaders. Please be the leader that your employees need and deserve.

Publication date: 10/18/2017