Chemenergy of Albany, NY, a manufacturer of water treatment chemicals, is now taking a new "solid approach," encapsulating its liquid water treatments in solid form and packaging them in a water-soluble film from Chris-Craft Industrial Products, Gary, IN.

The new Corguard-520 solid chemical format resulted from Chemenergy's response to customer concerns about using liquid chemicals in their hvac systems. The water-soluble packaging eliminated safety concerns as well as inconvenience for their customers.

Water treatment chemicals are used to control scale and corrosion in hvac equipment. The new solid, packaged chemical is added directly to the boiler, chiller, or closed loop system, and the water-soluble packaging dissolves as the chemical mixes with the water.

"A few years ago we polled our customers to see what they wanted in facility water treatment," said John Fleig, owner of Chemenergy. "They loved the results of our products, but shipping in 55-gal drums leads to disposal problems, high freight costs, and heavy handling weight.

"Our answer was 'the solid approach.' Using solid chemicals was a welcome relief to our customers who didn't like using liquids."

To package a 1-lb block of chemical, Chemenergy uses preformed bags made of Chris-Craft's MonoSol® M-8630 film, which are heat sealed and hand packed into a 5-gal pail, 30 blocks to a pail.

The solid packaging provides a number of customer benefits. Instead of a 55-gal drum of liquid chemicals weighing 500 lbs, end users now receive a 30-lb pail of chemicals. The customer saves on shipping costs as well as disposal - rather than disposing of a contaminated drum and intermediary mixing containers, customers now only have to recycle a plastic pail.

The pails are easier to handle, there is no risk of spillage, and no mixing required. Worker safety is enhanced since the film encloses the chemical until it is added to the hvac system.