Whenever I ask someone in the HVAC industry what contractors should focus on to increase revenue, I inevitably get back one of two answers — build up maintenance agreements or offer financing.

The financing part certainly makes sense. How many people could afford the car they are driving if they had to pay the entire cost before getting behind the wheel? Not many. Offering financing to homeowners might make it a little easier for them to replace instead of repair.

And, of course, I have met many contractors who say maintenance agreements are the lifeblood of their business. These agreements both give them work in the shoulder seasons and make their business extremely valuable if they ever want to sell.

What is the key to selling maintenance agreements? It is providing value. Special savings, 24/7 service, and same-day service are just a few of the items that contractors do to get homeowners to pull the trigger on the agreements.

Here at The ACHR NEWS, we have decided to steal that idea and make it our own. At The ACHR NEWS, our goal is to cover every aspect of the HVACR industry to ensure that you, our subscribers, are the most educated contractors in the field. We’ve accomplished that over the last 90-plus years by covering anything that helps contractors do their jobs better and make more money. When we started out, we relied on just our print issues to do this. In the last few years, we’ve expanded the ways we’ve connected with our audience in order to provide you with the industry information you need, however and wherever you want it. That means via our website, enewsletter, videos, podcasts, webinars, and more.

A lot has changed for both us and the industry since we started out in 1926. We’ve worked continuously to make sure our content is serving our readers to the best of our ability — and we aren’t about to stop any time soon. Which is why we are excited to announce that we’ve just launched a new, exclusive membership: The ACHR NEWS Network.

Our goal with this new offering is to provide an upgraded ACHR NEWS experience with indispensable new benefits that add even more value than you were getting with your traditional subscription.

This membership experience includes all the same great content you’ve grown to rely on from The ACHR NEWS in addition to brand new, premium benefits:

  • 26 double magazine issues;
  • Other print resources, including the annual Smarter HVACR supplement and HVAC Directory and Source Guide;
  • Unlimited access to www.achrnews.com, including all annual top lists, award winners, and the online directory;
  • Monthly member PR consultation;
  • 10 percent off event registration and bookstore purchases;
  • Members-only business management enewsletter;
  • Supplied content for your website; and
  • Preferred access to The ACHR NEWS’ AHR Expo cocktail hour.

The ACHR NEWS is more than a magazine, so we’re taking your traditional subscription and putting it to work with these new benefits to help make your job easier and your business more successful.

As a current subscriber, you were automatically upgraded into an ACHR NEWS Network membership on December 12, and you now have full access to all member benefits. For the complete list of these benefits, click here.

We are so glad to have you as a valuable part of the all new ACHR NEWS Network community and encourage you to take full advantage of all the new benefits now available to you as a member.

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