It’s the last quarter of 2019. Football season is in full gear, cider mills are packed out, and in some venues, Christmas songs are already being sung. That last one is tough to handle, but before the holidays take over every spare moment, don’t forget that it is also nomination time for The ACHR NEWS’ 21st annual Best Contractor to Work For competition.

Last year, four contractors were chosen from across the U.S. and Canada: Len Monfredo, E.M. Duggan Inc., Canton, Massachusetts; Robert Hoffmann, Hoffmann Brothers Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Electrical & Appliance Repair, St. Louis; Trapper Barnes, Infinity Texas Air, Forney, Texas; and John Barron, Barron Heating & Air Conditioning, Ferndale, Washington. The winners were nominated by their peers and set above the rest as examples of what it takes to be the best contractor and employer.

“Each year, we search for the best contractors, and although there are many to choose from, these four are what others should consider the cream of the crop,” said Kyle Gargaro, editorial director for The ACHR NEWS. “It is our privilege to honor their hard work and dedication.”

This year’s competition began Sept. 9, and nomination submissions will be accepted until Nov. 15, 2019. We’ve made some changes to the online system employed to help sort through the multiple entries received each year. Although the submission form looks generally the same, the scoring done in the background has been evaluated and adjusted to continue providing an unbiased test of each nomination.

Some of the elements that set contractors apart from each other in the eyes of their employees and their peers are tangible. Solid wages and benefits are two of the bigger ticket items on that list, along with training, recruiting, and industry participation. The intangibles are a little more difficult to measure. Personal business philosophies, genuine caring, and dedication to the success of the trade don’t check a box or mark a point, but they can help create a culture that inspires people to do their best and love their job.



Winning the Best Contractor to Work For award is about more than just bragging rights. Those that win will not only receive a full-color feature in The ACHR NEWS’ AHR Expo issue on Jan. 27, 2020, but they will also receive the prestige and leverage that comes with added business credibility as an award winner.

For those of you skimming past, stop and read that last sentence again. The free press coverage alone is worth the effort. Add to it the ability to tell every potential employee that walks through the door that your company culture is not only successful but also award winning, and the payoff is priceless. That is a distinct differentiator in the battle to hire and retain quality staff and technicians during the current workforce shortage. Now add the possibilities stemming from a Best Contractor to Work For award social media/advertising campaign to your current and potential customers. Those are just a few of the benefits that come with winning this award. Let The ACHR NEWS help you showcase the unseen hard work and efforts to make your company the best. Simply fill out the nomination form and submit it by Nov. 15, 2019.



If you own an HVACR company in the U.S. or Canada, you are eligible to enter and win this contest. The age and company size aren’t measured or considered. Employees can nominate the company, or you can even nominate yourself. Multiple nominations are allowed from different people, but the number of nominations aren’t considered in the naming of the winners. This contest is about HVACR contractors being awarded for their hard work and dedication to being the best employer in the HVACR industry.

You’ve led your company this far. Now it’s time to throw your hat in the ring to receive the recognition you have earned. To enter, go to and click on the “2019 Nomination Form” button. It shouldn’t take too long to fill out the form, and you can save and finish the nomination at a later time if necessary. Good luck!

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