HVAC contractors are constantly being preached to about evolving as a company. In today’s ever-changing world, that is certainly more important than ever. You need to constantly adapt in order to keep up.

To be honest, a lot of that preaching takes place in the pages of this very magazine. We are frequently writing articles about changing how you market to your customers, how you recruit new employees, and even how you keep up to date on the products you sell. All of those items are important, so you can stay a step ahead of the competition and better serve your customers.

Well, it is time for us to listen to our own advice. I have some big news to share. Starting in August, the print edition of The NEWS will now be published on a biweekly basis.

This is a big change for us. Is this because there is not enough news happening in the HVACR industry? Hardly. There is more going on than ever. What has changed is the way our readers consume information. I travel to a fair amount of industry events each year and talk to many contractor readers. The conversation usually starts with them telling me how much they like The NEWS and how they use the information in this magazine to help them in their business. It is quickly followed by a statement that the weekly magazines tend to pile up on their desk until they have time to fully absorb each issue.

So we listened. You want just as much information — if not more — but want it packaged differently. The biweekly publishing schedule is a way for us to better align The NEWS with the way you consume content in 2019. The new issues will be bigger and better, with an average of 50 percent more pages of editorial content than our typical single issue now.

We will continue to dive into the HVACR topics that help you run your business successfully. Items like business management, new products, technology trends, and government regulations will continue to be covered.

Of course, for those that need information quicker in this digital world, we will continue to be providing that. Some things don’t change. Since you are connected online every day, we will continue to deliver important information to you via our website, www.achrnews.com.

We will continue to deliver the weekly e-newsletters, twice-daily breaking news, videos, podcasts, and still twice as much information, twice as often as any other HVAC media source via our in-depth print format.

Your subscription will include the same quality reporting on the same important topics you’ve come to expect from us, with special double issues including the AHR Show, Residential Cooling Showcase, Residential Heating Showcase, Commercial Cooling Showcase, Commercial Heating Showcase, and Refrigeration Showcase.

The NEWS began in 1926. Decades of changes have broadened our ability to provide you with the industry information you need, however and whenever you want it. We are excited to have you along as The NEWS advances and continues to grow.

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