Do you train your technicians? Of course you do. What kind of a business would you have if there was no training? But what about yourself and your leadership team?  Are they trained regularly?

There’s no better opportunity for training than the upcoming Service World Expo Sept. 7-8 in Las Vegas.


No matter how many books you read, podcasts you listen to, or supplier meetings you attend, there is nothing quite like attending a national conference. There’s motivational speakers that fire you up for the fall, and industry superstars who freely share their tricks of the trade. The exhibit connects you with new products and services that might take you years to learn otherwise.

Of all of the possible conferences and shows, including general small business shows, nothing matches the Service World Expo. Here are seven reasons why it is the show to attend.

No. 1: The Keynotes — One of the reasons to attend a national conference is to learn from keynote speakers who operate outside of the industry. This year’s Service World Expo features Iraq War hero, J.R. Martinez, who survived a roadside bomb and went on to write a bestselling book and win “Dancing With the Stars.” Internationally recognized body language expert Traci Brown will demonstrate how to spot when customers or technicians are lying. If social media and reputation management are tough, Daniel Lemin’s keynote on “Chatternomics” will make it easy. Then, Ryan Estis, who Meetings & Conventions Magazine ranks as one of the top keynote speakers in the nation, will speak on accelerating business performance. That’s four amazing keynote presentations.

No. 2: HVAC’s Superstars — The lineup of breakout speakers includes contractors, consultants, and business experts from inside and outside the industry. There are familiar names and fresh faces, including:

  • Travis Carter — “Want to Get More Jobs + Grow Your Business?;”
  • Dave Squires — “What Works, Doesn’t Work, and is Changing Today in Web Marketing;”
  • Matt Jones — “Generating Leads and Clients in 2017;”
  • Kirk King — “How to Keep Customers for Life;”
  • Charlie Greer — “Superhero Sales Techniques;”
  • Bill Ligon — “Selling the Replacement Market;”
  • Vicki La Plant — “Future Forecast Panel;”
  • Joe Cunningham — “Dynamic Sales and Closing Techniques Guaranteed to Increase Your Success;”
  • Tab Hunter — “The Five Blockers of Service Management Success;”
  • Frank Taciak — “Don’t Win the Price Game;”
  • Mike Agugliaro — “How to Make Another Million Dollars Next Year by Adding More Trade Lines;”
  • Allan Ferguson — “Grow Your Business to 10X Leads;”
  • Ruth King — “Sending Your Bank Statements Home;”
  • Adam Thompson — “Three Eyes of a Business Owner;”
  • Ryan and Angie Snow — “Accomplish More Together! Secrets to a Great Partnership;”
  • Jacki Bradbury-Guerrero — “The Invisible Power of Company Culture;”
  • Michael Souders — “Crucial Conversations;”
  • Kenny Chapman — “Recruiting and Leading ‘Sales Superhero’ Millennials;”
  • Frank Besednjak — “12 Rules on Successfully Leading & Motivating Today’s Younger Workforce;” and
  • Nathan Broughtton — “Understanding the Minds of Technicians.”

No. 3: The Show — Service World Expo is different from other trade shows because the exhibitors engage. They try to be interactive, educational, and informative. This isn’t a show floor you walk in a few minutes. It’s one where you will linger because you will learn and you will save.

No. 4: The Networking — There are plenty of networking opportunities built into Service World. One of the best is the Thursday night party, where you will see The LIGHT, literally. The party is held at a funky place called “The LIGHT” and it is included with registration.

No. 5: The Focus — Service World Expo is focused on residential and light commercial service and replacement contractors. It’s focused on you, and the things you care about.

No. 6: The Price — It’s only $199. That’s crazy affordable for all you get. Nothing else matches it. Registration, the hotel, and flights to Vegas are affordable. The low $199 price includes two breakfasts, two lunches, and a party with heavy hor d’oeurves. This makes Service World practically free.

No. 7: It’s Vegas, Baby — Where do you want to go to a conference? Somewhere cold and dreary or Vegas? Come for the conference and stay for the weekend.

Come to Service World, sharpen your saw, and return refreshed, energized, and loaded with new ways to make money. Register now and save an extra $10 by entering “ACHRNEWS10” at