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Dan Antonelli
Dan Antonelli

Dan Antonelli, CEO and creative director of Graphic D-Signs Inc., discusses how a clear and identifiable brand is critical to a company’s success.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

A: I’m the creative director of a 14-person advertising agency that caters to small businesses, service businesses, and retail companies. I oversee the creative work done here and provide brain direction for these companies. We do everything from brochures to branding and logo design to Web design for small businesses.

Q: Explain the importance of small business branding and marketing.

A: Branding serves as the anchor or foundation for marketing a small business. Consider a bicycle wheel; there is a hub in the middle of that wheel, and logo design is the hub. The spokes that make up the wheel are comprised of the marketing pieces, such as a website, brochures, social media channels, uniforms for employees, service vehicles, etc. Without that strong foundation of a great logo and brand, all the pieces afterward that need to utilize that branding seem to suffer. You fail to project a positive brand message to the consumers who are looking at that branding and forming opinions as to what they might expect to get when doing business with your company.

Dan Antonelli
CEO and creative director, D-Signs Inc.

Publication date: 4/28/2014

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