A Rise in Temperature Increases MS Symptoms

[Editor’s Note: This letter is in response to the column “A Great Cause for the HVAC Industry” April 27.]

I wanted to thank Barb Checket-Hanks for the article acknowledging the challenges individuals with MS [Multiple Sclerosis] suffer from in warmer environments. Just like the article featured, I had a ductless mini-split installed into my office so I can keep the temperature cooler.

In June 2005, I lost vision in my right eye (optic neuritis); it was my first sign of MS as it attacked my right eye. No major attacks since. But I experience the challenges she described, especially with my vision. When the temperature increases, my functioning eye suffers by getting blurry.

Three shots per week and I just enjoy today, because tomorrow is a mystery. Twenty-five percent of MS sufferers do not get shut down physically. So either way, enjoy life and appreciate how special today is. Yes, proper a/c is crucial for MS sufferers.

Jeff Riley
HVAC Sales and Product Manager
South Division, Thos. Somerville Co.
Chantilly, Va.

Be Knowledgeable and Stay Informed

It is refreshing to see someone who can put things in perspective [like Peter Powell did in his column “Why It All Doesn’t Matter,” April 6]. Be knowledgeable and informed. His closing paragraph sums it all up. Cost effective and energy efficient, not doomsaying.

Thomas Johnston
L.Q. Johnston Repair Shop Inc.
Troy, Ala.

Getting Paid for the Extra Work Provided

[Editor’s Note: This letter is in response to the article “Who Is Responsible for the Building Envelope?” by D. Brian Baker, May 25.]

I am an HVAC contractor that is doing home energy audits, BPI- [Building Performance Institute-] certified. I loved Baker’s article, he was right on target. Thank you for writing that and getting it out there.

Rob Minnick
General Manager/Certified Building Analyst
Minnick’s Inc.
Laurel, Md.

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Publication date:07/27/2009