Readers Continue Discussion on Choosing Right Path, Price

These letters are in response to Mike Murphy’s “Dear Johnny, Have You Lost Your Mind?” and John Hall’s “Price Is Going to Sell Today, Not Cost Savings” July 21 columns.

It's Time to Take the High Road

Finally, a blog from you guys that I can come to grips with. You are both right on. Many of your editorial blogs have found a way to really arouse the anger emotion in me. However, these really are prime examples of what happens in my world.

I own and help run a small plumbing, heating, electrical, and telecom contracting company in Wisconsin. Virtually every day we are faced with what Hall and Murphy proclaim as the path to follow. Both of these paths are not recognized by most all manufacturers of HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and telecom equipment.

Some have taken the Murphy path with little or no understanding of what it takes economically to go there. Most manufacturers’ claim to fame has been establishing more dealers in already unhealthy markets with little regard to anything but market share. The manufacturers that have followed the Hall path are doing the same with a little less integrity.

We all hope that you folks can continue to raise the bar a little more with each issue ofThe NEWS, so that each path can be scrutinized and accepted as reality.

I have watched most manufacturers accept the low road. Americans are really a lot better than that, and it is way past time for us to take the high road.

Dick Marshall
Strang Heating and Electric
Richland Center, Wis.

Don't Dismiss Price Shoppers on the Whole

The consuming majority in this country, for many reasons right now, are price shoppers. The option to fix now and replace later is more and more prevalent.

Price shoppers are smart consumers and should not be cast aside because they want value for their hard-earned dollars.

Murphy is somewhat correct “Simply quoting low prices to as many people as possible is a recipe for financial disaster,” however, selling the shopper what they want as one of the options is smart.

The only customer to be fired is the one that will not pay us on time for the services we provide.

Give the shopper all the information about energy savings, first cost, time of payback, and then include the lowest-cost option. Stay in the game, make the best of every opportunity, and the shopper will recommend you to a family member, neighbor, or their place of business in similar need. What’s wrong with that?

Chuck Meyer
Engineered Air LLC
Margate, Fla.

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Publication date:09/01/2008