After writing a few articles on search engine optimization (SEO) and the importance it has for HVAC contractors, I received an interesting phone call. It was from a marketer in the Midwest who highly disagreed with contractors investing time and money into SEO.

This marketer had a theory that an HVAC contractor gets a much higher average ticket price from customers in the immediate zip code of the business. He had numbers to support this theory, but did not want The NEWS to publish them because they were proprietary. His belief was that by casting a bigger net with SEO you were actually gaining customers that were less valuable. He thought the best approach was more local marketing that made you dominate your immediate area.

My first reaction is to ask why can’t you do both, but that is probably the reason I am an editor rather than a marketing professional.

The point of this blog? To make sure contractors realize there are many different ways to market and it is not one size fits all. The key is to measure your results and find out what works for you.