HVAC is going Hollywood. Well almost. At least there is a boatload of HVAC videos at YouTube.com.

Go online at YouTube.com and you will find a bunch of HVAC videos. The number of views is surprisingly high for some - in the tens of thousands.

Here is the assortment of videos available today at YouTube. A search for “HVAC” turned up 2,430 video options. If you should narrow the search, here is what you would find: HVAC repair (1,041), HVAC installation (301), HVAC ducts (192), HVAC design (81), HVAC training (75), HVAC compressor (29), HVAC troubleshooting (26), HVAC tutorial (23), HVAC hack (25), and HVAC charging (13), and an assortment of commercials and marketing videos. That’s quite an impressive tally, but I must admit, I didn’t find the dozens I viewed to be exceptionally entertaining. Perhaps HVAC is not supposed to be entertaining, perhaps it is only supposed to be educational.

Here is a thought. How about edutaining videos for people that want a little something more? Below is a link to one particular video that I found not only educational, but also entertaining - edutaining.

Oops! I thought I would find a video that was edutaining, but it was a difficult task. Some of those on YouTube were not too flattering of the industry, and some were really great regarding technical training. However, I have to admit, if I weren’t looking for how to troubleshoot a capacitor, it wouldn’t hold my interest for very long.

Think like a young person who might be wanting to start a career in HVAC. What would you want them to see online?