ARLINGTON, Va. - North American Technician Excellence (NATE) has created new marketing tools for contractors. Some in the industry maintain that contractors don't like to market. According to NATE, however, the problem is more likely to be that contractors don't have time to generate consumer marketing materials. NATE is addressing that problem with its new marketing item, customizable newsletters.

These newsletters provide contractors employing NATE-certified technicians with advertising pieces they can send to customers. The newsletter is generated every two months, and it contains a consumer interest article as well as print areas the contractor can customize to highlight product specials, coupons, service agreements, etc. When printed, the newsletter covers both sides of a sheet and folds into a self-mailer. Contractors will be able to use their C3 number and C3 PIN to periodically access new copy on NATE's Website for future issues of the newsletter.

The April newsletter issue is included in the new Contractor Marketing Kit and is also available to download at

Publication date: 05/22/2006