A recent issue of theJapan Air Conditioning Journal (JARN)has given those in the HVACR industry a feel for worldwide use of chiller technology and what types of chillers are being used. Statistics come from 2004 and were first published in November 2005 inJARNand highlighted in the January 2006 Paris-basedInternational Institute of Refrigerationnewsletter.

"The estimated number of centrifugal chillers was 8,500 with the United States at the center of production with 3,500 units equal to 41 percent of market share," the report said. "China comes second with a 10 percent annual increase and 1,500 units. Japan, Korea, and Taiwan follow with 300 units, respectively. Dubai in the United Arab Emirate is expanding rapidly with demand topping 200 units in 2004 and increasing."

The report said the trend for absorption chillers over 350 kW "is mainly confined to the Far East with China (4,000 units), Japan (1,600), and Korea (900) in the forefront. The market penetration of the top four Japanese manufacturers in China will lead to stronger competition," it was said. "Smaller but reasonably sized markets are India and Iran with sales of over 300 and 200 units, respectively. The total approximate world market is 7,500 units." The report noted, "No single world zone monopolizes the market for reciprocating, scroll and screw (positive displacement) chillers, estimated at 184,400 units. Reciprocating chillers are being gradually replaced by scroll or screw chillers, which are considered to be cost effective and have superior features such as compactness, maintainability, easier control, and lower noise."

Publication date: 05/01/2006