Three coil cleaners in powder form are now available. To use, mix one 8-ounce bag of a cleaner with 1 gallon of water directly into a sprayer, shake, and spray. Foaminatorâ„¢P is the powder form of Foaminatorâ„¢ and Britenâ„¢ is the powder form of Brite' Alum. The X Factorâ„¢ is a new no-rinse evaporator cleaner that can be used on electronic air filters, ventilation and exhaust systems, and other equipment and systems. Briten is an acid-based condenser coil cleaner that can also be used on electronic air filters. It is especially effective on oxides, scale, and contaminants. The Foaminator P is an alkaline-based coil cleaner. It penetrates deeply into the thickest coils while creating dense, heavy foam that pushes contaminants and oxides to the surface so that they can be rinsed away. X Factor destroys odors and the bacteria that cause them. With these powder cleaners, there are no hazmat shipping fees.

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